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Rick Perry’s Problem With National Electorate

August 28, 2011

Yes, there are those in the conservative tent who ultimately will select the Republican Presidential nominee based on a candidate’s standing over evolution.  Screw understanding the needs of  global markets or from those who flung off dictators this year in the Arab World.   If you shun science you are worthy of a Republican place at the big table.   Nothing else matters.

If only America can have a simple-minded person at the helm in the White House, all will be well.  So sayeth, the Republicans.

Kathleen Parker disagrees.  WordPress has no way to add links this weekend, so you have to google for her column called “Rick Perry, the Republicans’ Messiah?” if you wish to read more.

Perry knows he has to make clear that God is his wingman. And this conviction seems not only to be sincere, but also to be relatively noncontroversial in the GOP’s church — and perhaps beyond. He understands that his base cares more that the president is clear on his ranking in the planetary order than whether he can schmooze with European leaders or, heaven forbid, the media. And this is why Perry could easily steal the nomination from Romney.

And also why he probably can’t win a national election, in which large swaths of the electorate would prefer that their president keep his religion close and be respectful of knowledge that has evolved from thousands of years of human struggle against superstition and the kind of literal-mindedness that leads straight to the dark ages.

Faith and reason are not mutually exclusive, but Perry makes you think they are.

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  1. Will permalink
    August 29, 2011 3:58 PM

    Makes you wonder why Aunt Sarey ain’t declared yet. She surely fulfills the GOP faith requisite.

    Just look at her faith record back home in Alaska: Palin’s tit-sucking attachment to Alaska’s “Assembly of God” cult gave her the leg- up in the Wasila mayoral race: the Assembly promoted a Hell & Damnation campaign on persuadable small town voters of Wasila. Once elected, Aunt Sarey tore into the Wasila public library collection, censoring gay-friendly books; then she summarily fired city workers who, in her opinion, didn’t measure up to her standards of faith in Jeebus Krish O’Malley. THEN she illegally attempted to appoint Jeebus-friendly councillors to city council.(Opponents called her on that, so she backed down – in fits of anger.)

    More Fun & Games with Aunt Sarey is revealed in the new book, “The Lies of Sarah Palin,” by Geoffrey Dunn. A must-read for thinking people.

    I’ve written about Palin’s weird waiting game re: the presidential ticket, on my blog :

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