The Alzheimer’s Journey

Since meeting Albert, our friend who has Alzheimer’s, I have often written about this journey on Caffeinated Politics that we all have taken together. I would like to link my writings in a neat fashion, but since WordPress is having some ‘issues’ at the present time I will add the links in a less than elegant manner. I ask that you might take the time to read them and better understand what this journey has been like.

What James and I have learned along the way we intend to provide to others, and in some small way continue to make a difference for those who need a helping hand with this disease.  We were heartened to read the kind words written by social service staff and others concerning the way we aided Albert when it came time to place him into our guardianship. 

At the foundation to all of this is the belief that we are all in this game of life together.  As such there are times when a lifting hand can aid in countless ways if we only make the effort. 

Our friend Henry aided James and myself with his generosity when we inherited his home, and we made a pledge that when the time came to return the kindness to others we would take it.  We just had no idea that the journey of repayment would be down the road with a man who had Alzheimer’s disease.

But here we are knowing this was the correct thing to have started, and one that we are committed to following through with.

It has been an emotional and educational journey, and one that Albert never had to feel like he was taking all by himself, in spite of the issues he faced.  There was a time when he called James and myself “Albert’s Mafia” as we made sure things were handled appropriately. And swiftly.  Now that the disease is more in charge of his mind he knows that we are the ones “in charge” who will handle problems.  In time that will be forgotten too.  Our names have already been removed from his memory.

It is a most damnable disease, and one that as a nation we must appropriate more funds to in order to seek a remedy.

With all that said here are my musings…

On Saturday, September 17 the Alzheimer’s Walk will take place in Dane County. (Details below.) The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness of this disease, and also raise funds to help those afflicted with this most dreadful medical mystery.

Saturday, September 17
Runners: 7 a.m. Registration;, 8 a.m. Open 5K Run
Walkers: 8 a.m. Registration; 9:15 a.m. Welcome and Walk
Warner Park Shelter (Bright Tubular Structure)
1511 Northport Drive, Madison

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