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School Construction Funds Need To Be Central To Jobs Bill, President Obama Needs To Press Congress Into Box On Issue

August 31, 2011

When the stimulus bill was fashioned in 2009 I was hoping for something bolder and far more broad reaching than the one that passed.  I supported the final product that Congress passed as it was the only ship leaving port.  But we could have done better.  The economy today weighs in and reminds us daily we should have done better.

One of the areas that I wanted to have addressed in 2009 is perhaps one that will get plenty of attention now.  That is the need for school construction projects to be undertaken all over the nation as part of the way to stimulate the economy, and get a whole variety of workers back into the full-time work world.

President Obama needs to go to the mat and press hard for the results he wishes to achieve.  Half-way and half-empty will not cut it this time in any respect, either economically speaking or politically. 

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A plan to boost construction jobs nationwide by providing federal money to repair public schools is picking up support among unions, economists and liberal advocates with direct ties to the White House.

President Obama himself promoted the plan during his 2008 campaign, and some money was made available for school repairs in the $825 billion economic stimulus law passed in 2009. Now supporters are urging Obama to invest tens of billions of dollars as a major component of the jobs plan he delivers to Congress next week.

The proposal would funnel federal money to school districts where repair work has been delayed for years. One option to pay for it: wiping out nearly $50billion in tax breaks for oil and gas companies, proposed by Obama but nixed by Republicans who control the House.

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