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UW-Madison Football Not Thinking Of Others When Planning Midweek Game…On A School Night

August 31, 2011

It did seem unique to many, strange to others, that UW-Madison would schedule a football game on Thursday night.  A midweek game is rare, and the fact that the Wisconsin Badgers are playing UNLV makes this all the more a topic for city-wide discussion.  That the Badgers will make money on this ESPN game is great for them, but what about the residents of Madison?

Justin Doherty, UW associate athletic director said it response to questions that the midweek game was a great way to feature the Badgers and that “night games here have always been fun for our fans and for the student athletes.”

Probably so.

But this night game is not like other night games.

First, and foremost it is the night before school starts in the City of Madison, and parents have plenty of  reasons to want their little charges all rested up for the first morning.  To have loud and too often unruly drunk college students making noises late into the night is not the way to start off the school year.  80,000 fans whooping it up at the staduim at 10:00 P.M.  on a weekday night is not best for the city.

In addition, it might be noted that college classes also start on Friday and I suspect that parents who stored money into education accounts for many years did not think the first morning of classes for their kid at the UW would be a blurry headache.

If there is anything to laugh at over the midweek game is the report from some drinking establishments may not have enough bartenders as many of those that pour alcohol for weekend games have weekday jobs.  What will happen when thirsty beer drinkers converge on a bar with both a Packers’ game and Badgers’ game on television and not have an instant refill?  Oh the horror!

But seriously, I think the UW-Madison football program thinks far more about money than the needs of education or the city they get to live in.  While the nation gets to watch the Badgers manhandle UNLV the parents of school age kids must be wondering what is wrong with the sports department at the UW.

But at least the sports department made some cash.

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  1. fuzzybutter permalink
    September 1, 2011 4:11 PM

    This is an issue?
    do I care about big money UW sports teams?
    do I care about school age sheltered special snowflake children and their hovering parents?
    And where are these neighborhoods that drunk students are going to keep up the precious children?
    I live by Trader Joes, trust me everything will fine–no student will flunk out of the UW and no school age childe will miss school tomorrow because there was a badger game.
    Lighten up–don’t let a little deviation from the norm wreck your day.

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