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Even Tea Party Does Not Want Sarah Palin To Run For President

September 2, 2011

(Excuse me while your blogger chuckles.)

A Faux News poll shows that 71 percent of Republicans think that Sarah Palin should stay out of the race for the White House. And for every self-described Tea Party voter who wants her to run, two think she should stay on the sidelines.

With that type of depth and breadth among conservatives Sarah Palin might ask herself how she got to such a deplorable place with her own kind.

CP thinks that maybe even the Tea Party shuns raccoons who grab anything that sparkles.

Sarah Palin is more whore-like than political as all she wants to do is sell books, and charge exorbitant speaking fees when all understand her forte is not speaking.  She is going to grab every dollar she can while flirting with the idea that she might run for president.  Politics should not be used in this fashion, as it only lowers the respect voters have for the process of electing people to office. 

Palin has no depth or intellect to fall back on so all she can do is wear the boots and tight skirts and hope her tits do not sag anytime soon.

It is all a rather embarrassing spectacle.

After all doesn’t Barney’s have a fall sale starting soon…..and this Mama Bear needs cash, the type her husband was never able to earn.  I wonder if Todd Palin feels somewhat neutered over the past two years as he watches his wife perform for political cash in such a fashion while knowing he could never please her back in Alaska.  What must it feel like to be replaced by a dollar bill?

I wish Barbara Walters was still doing her interviews and could ask Todd Palin who wanted Alaskans to get a vote on whether or not the state can secede from the U.S, how it feels to be emasculated by his wife.  She may have the skirt on, but we all know she wears the power pants in that relationship.

As CP has stated before there is no way that Sarah Palin gets into the race for the White House.  Most Americans think that when you quit one job for no good reason you should not be praised and promoted to another similar job with more pay.

If she wanted to serve she had the job of Alaska Governor.  But then she did not want to be in government, she wanted to use politics as a way to make money.  For that everyone should be concerend.

And it seems more and more that is the case except for old over-weight men may who like to see Sarah Palin parade around. 

Now, however, even a FAUX News poll has Palin right where liberals have always wanted her.

Nothing more than a national joke.

  1. September 3, 2011 12:44 PM


    You can try and twist this but you can not run from the facts.

    Bill Clinton did not do as Palin is doing when seeking the White House. Never.

    There is now a certain group in the GOP, (Palin, Huckabee, Newt, Santorum who use the political process as a means to make money by getting a FAUX show or ‘analyst job’, hawk books, and ramp up speaking engagements like Palin is doing in Iowa today (while making no real news) and that I contend is bad for the political process.

    As to Gabby Giffords, you really did not say that a member of congress gets more attention than one who flies on a space shuttle, let alone pilots the craft? No where is that true.

    At a time when most can not even name their member of congress I can assure you the astronauts are better known.

    Finally, you are somehow misguided if you think there is any substance to Palin with which to give comment to. She is an empty pot.

  2. Patrick permalink
    September 3, 2011 12:20 PM

    Would it be okay to speculate that Giffords is worried that her “tits” might be sagging? Is her husband emasculated because she makes more money and gets more attention? Will she be a whore if she writes a book about her views or charges for speaking engagements? We certainly know nobody would read such a book except for that she was shot. Is she being “used” to make a statement against the NRA here on CP? Despite the pictures of her with the AK-47 will she be whorred out to service the anti-gun agenda?

    Why is it wrong for Palin to command a speaking fee or to get money for appearing on TV, but not Bill Clinton?

    Considering how Pelosi has used her power is she a whore, too?

    My problem is not that you criticize Palin’s ideas–which you don’t in any specific case, but that your attacks on her are clearly sexist because you so often punctuate your commentary with negative sexist language. If there has been a critique of Palin’s arguments on CP which deals with the substance of her thinking–or specific errors thereof–then I missed it.

    By the way, laughing at Palin because she made some random gaff is not a serious critique of her thinking. Suggesting she is being “used” is not. By your thinking we could critique a gay politician in any number of unseemly ways.

  3. September 3, 2011 10:46 AM


    No, it is not sexist.

    I am merely stating the facts.

    They may be uncomfortable to hear, and they shoud be as it is a new creation for people to use the campaign process to make millions of dollars. Huckabee did it too but at least he did not try to be sexy in the process! It was just as wrong, but done wihtout the boots. Books, speaking engagements, FAUX News shows!!!! This all makes you proud of the party you belong to or the process whereby we elect a president??!!

    You seem to be interested in clean govenment only when you can beat a Democrat for acting in some fashion you dislike.

    How about Sarah Palin and my statement that “politics should not be used in this fashion, as it only lowers the respect voters have for the process of electing people to office.”

    Or is this a concern we do not share?

    As for sexist, there is no sexism is this post.

    She uses her clothes and body langauge for effect and wants money. Do you see Hillary Clinton or Sen. Boxer (D) or Sen Hutchinsn (R) acting like this? No. They are classy people, and when it comes to challenging them on issues one can do it over the the merit or lack thereof of their positions.

    But Sarah Palin has no positions or in-depth statements to write about, and only uses her tight skirts for one purpose. To rake in cash.

    This blog always calls them as I see it.

    I nailed this one, and that is why you are upset.

  4. CommonCents permalink
    September 3, 2011 9:30 AM

    Just as when I saw her in person and now seeing the photo, along with her behavior, i.e. quitting her commitment to the people of Alaska to make more money or taking political contributions to live an enchanted life, I keep thinking of one word….WHORE!

  5. Patrick permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:44 PM


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