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UW Says No Guns In Classrooms, Acting Like Adults To Counter Legislators Bending To NRA

September 2, 2011

There was only one logical and reasonable way to proceed for the University of Wisconsin System when it came to deciding how to address the ill-considered concealed carry gun law.  The climate on campuses where higher education is the mission should not be roiled with wondering how many are packing heat.

As such, the UW acted like grownups in the state, in sharp contrast to the bending over that legislators found so easy to do earlier this year when passing the gun measure.

The first paragraph of the Wisconsin State Journal on Friday morning made it quite clear that the UW is serious about placing a lot of signs around state campuses that read “Firearms Prohibited in Building”.

Come November, Badger fans may tailgate while armed but will still be forbidden from bringing their guns inside stadiums, classrooms or any other buildings at the flagship UW-Madison campus and the University of Wisconsin System’s 26 campuses statewide, officials confirmed Thursday.

Though I am not a student at the UW-Madison, I do attend a number of events on campus, such as taking in lectures, and therefore want to feel safe from those who might be lurking around thinking themselves some Rambo want-to-be.

There should be statewide applause for the actions taken to secure our state institutions, and safeguard our college students from an over abundance of deadly weapons.

It is too bad that there was not more concern about these matters from the elected officials in the statehouse who foisted this needless gun law on the citizens of this state.  There should be some compensation for those places such as the UW who will need to fund the signmakers who will be kept plenty busy.

  1. Lenny permalink
    September 3, 2011 12:26 AM

    Exactly how I personally view this matter, and I sent this via Twitter to several of my buddies.

  2. September 2, 2011 3:06 PM

    Yes, they ought to ban guns from buildings and perhaps even from the campus itself. As an educational institution, this makes sense. I support gun rights but there are always restrictions to anything and universities would be one of them.

    There seems to be a lot of stabbings around Madison, too. Assaults and violence appear to be everywhere.

    “MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police are joining other city leaders in opposing the annual Mifflin Street block party. They say the alcohol-fueled event leads to violence and exorbitant police costs.

    A police report on the 2011 event says the block party “simply cannot continue.”
    The 42-year-old event takes place near the end of the University of Wisconsin-Madison school year. The report says this year’s party was marred by violence that included two stabbings, three sexual assaults, three injured officers and 162 arrests.”

    Why is that?

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