Will Batmanning Come To UW-Madison?

This is something that looks like it might soon be the rage on college campuses.  It looks amusing!


Waushara County Gets Pounded In Storm, Hancock Suffers Power Outage, Downed Trees

UPDATED With Pictures

Silvercryst Restaurant open for business.

One mighty blast from Mother Nature on Friday morning made for lots of clean-up in Waushara County as trees smashed into buildings, blocked roads, and made  many seek a candle as the electricity was cut off.  As of  late Saturday morning many were still without power, and may remain so for another day.

From my new online friend Steve Adams comes this update.  (Thanks, Steve.)

Just got this from my sister in WI. Plainfield looked like just about every tree up there is gone. Wautoma is a huge mess. Main street Westfield lost most of their trees and a lot of structural damage in that area. Wild Rose lost all of their power and a lot of people around Fish and Hancock Lake didn’t have power all of last night into sometime today.

Hat tip to Beth Bohn with this picture from the park in Plainfield that was taken today.

Late word from Dick Parker in Hancock  is that trees have fallen and blocked the boat landing on the east end of Fish Lake.

The Stevens Point Journal had a series of pictures from the storm.  (Wordress has linking problems so it does not look very sexy this way….so…http://www.stevenspointjournal.com/article/20110903/SPJ0101/109030562/Thunderstorm-slams-region?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Here are three from the many they posted.

The first is from Plainfield and one guy in the photo is David Hirst who I attended high school with.  Hirst is helping out at his mom’s home following the storm.

From Almond comes the effects of the wind on the corn crops.

The Tri-County School also had trees near it down from the high winds.

It was first reported from a source close to Wautoma that the iconic Silvercryst sustained major damage.  I was informed the entryway was totally crushed, and the dining room collapsed due to trees falling into the building .   Today the business reports to me that the dining room did not “collapse due to trees falling into the building”.    In fact the restaurant has been open since Sept 3rd!   Glad to hear that news. 

At this time the estimated damage to privately owned structures in Waushara County is $1.5 million. This does not include the cost of debris clean up, clearing roadways or damage to government-owned property or facilities.

Labor Day Not The Same Without Jerry Lewis On MDA Telethon

This year a mere shadow of a MDA telethon will be broadcast on television.  Many are feeling the absence of Jerry Lewis even before the shell of a performance starts.

Had the MDA been smart they would have made the show a huge send-off for Jerry Lewis, akin to the last Johnny Carson show.  But in their short-sightedness they chose not to take the path of highest ratings.  And the rating would have been stupendous!

Fewer will watch.  I will not even be turning in as I am so disgusted at how the MDA has treated Lewis.

Not only that but this year’s telethon will be reduced to six hours.

Six hours?

Not sure that qualifies as the definition of a telethon, much like a 5k race isn’t much of a marathon.

This year’s show will feature guest hosts.

Nigel Lythgoe (“So You Think You Can Dance”), Nancy O’Dell (“Entertainment Tonight”), Alison Sweeney (“The Biggest Loser”) and Jann Carl (billed as “an Emmy-winning journalist”).

I do not know any of those people.

Scraping the bottom of the cider barrel to replace Jerry Lewis?

Celebrities will include Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Antebellum, Richie Sambora and Jordan Sparks.

Maybe they are celebrities but they sure ain’t Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.

Star power. That’s what Lewis had.


Darth Vader Asks Why Sarah Palin Quit Job As Governor of Alaska

When will Sarah Palin address this question?

Maybe in her next book….

“I’ve never gotten around the question of her having left the governorship of Alaska in mid-term,” former Vice President Dick Cheney said today when asked about fellow Republican Sarah Palin and her suitability for national office.

“I’ve never heard that adequately explained. … I’d like to know more about that,” Cheney added.

Saturday Song: ELO “Hold On Tight”