The Stars Came Out On Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon: Michael Jackson And The Jackson Five, Joan Crawford, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jerry Seinfeld, Barbershop Jerry, Ed McMahon, And Famous Ending

Labor Day will not be the same without Jerry Lewis at the helm of the annual MDA telethon.  It is a national punch to the stomach that Lewis was so shabbily discarded from his role of hosting the television event. 

I have always admired, respected, and loved Jerry Lewis.  The man is a comic genius, with a heart as big as one can hope for.    With that in mind, and since there are no television moments to laugh with Jerry Lewis this weekend, I am posting a series of memorable moments from past telethons.

The MDA may have tossed Jerry Lewis overboard, but there are millions around the nation that still thank him for the man he is, and the compassion he has demonstrated.

Lets get started…do not miss the ending of the first video with classic Martin and Lewis humor!

I dare anyone not to laugh at Barbershop Jerry!

Thanks, Jerry!!

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