Michele Bachmann Clueless On U.S. Constitution (Again)

Who briefs Michele Bachmann before she opens her mouth?

I am thinking that regardless of what others tell her Bachmann is not prone to being a very good listener.

More evidence of that came shining through in South Carolina today when the teabaggers all  gathered for a spit and shine presidential debate.

CNN Reports.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann took a different tack on the health care topic and levied a veiled shot at Romney, claiming that states have no right to mandate the purchase of any good or service.

Massachusetts residents face a penalty if they refuse to buy health insurance.

“I believe it is also unconstitutional for states to mandate as a condition of citizenship, that an individual would have to purchase a product or service even at the state government’s behest,” Bachmann said.

Pressed by conservative Princeton legal scholar Robert George to back up her assertion by naming a provision in the Constitution, she could not.

Michele Bachmann is just nuts, and if you are not already pressing your hand to your forehead…then let me remind you of a message she sent to her followers about the Founding Fathers working tirelessly to end slavery….right up to the Civil War!  They must have lived like the elders in the Old Testament to reach such advanced ages!

Again, who in the campaign attempts to stop her mouth from running, and might they just start using duct-tape?

4 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Clueless On U.S. Constitution (Again)

  1. Tea partisans have had no constitutional qualms about going to war without congressional declaration, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, suspension of habeas corpus, and all that, but at least they’re right there protecting us from unconstitutional health care.

  2. admodisette

    If the Constitution doesn’t grant the government authority in a certain area, then the government has no authority in that area. That is the way it is written. What Bachmann said was correct. Also, Paul B, nothing in the Constitution says that the government can’t indefinately detain enemy combatants or listen in on their phone conversations. The idea that you need a warrant to listen in on an enemy that has decalred war on the United States is ridiculous.

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