Will Teens Change Gender After Watching Chaz Bono On “Dancing With The Stars”?

More lunacy from the paranoid conservative wing-nuts.

I have been amused at the outcry from some over the news that Chaz Bono will be one of the performers this fall on the reality television show “Dancing With The Stars”. It surely can be no more odd than to have the morally bankrupt former Republican Congressman Tom Delay bounce around the dance floor. I have failed, it should be noted, to find any conservatives upset about that oddity having pranced about on the television screen.

The whole concept of this reality show is what I find not worthy of watching.  The addition of the latest ‘person in the news’ who can lift ratings seems hardly a surprise.  After all that is what network television is all about.

What should surprise people are the ratings for this show. Frankly, I do not understand the success of “Dancing With The Stars” anymore than having a sex change operation. That is not to say there are those who have serious issues with the sex they were born with, but I just personally have a hard time understanding it.

But at the end of the day who can deny wanting Chaz Bono to be happy? Or deny Bono from doing what anyone else has the right to do, even it that means being on a lame reality TV show?

Plenty of conservatives have stepped up to deny Bono that right, it seems, if you listen to the responses of those who have commented on the news Bono will be a dancer on this season’s show.


When ABC-TV announced Chaz Bono would be on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars,” their website was flooded with negative comments.

“I am floored, flabbergasted and appalled that ABC would even consider Chaz/Chastity as a ‘star’ for the show,” wrote one fan. “Star? How is she a star?”

 “No matter what that fat lady did to her body she will remain what she was born to be…Chaz Bono will be dancing with a woman? Hoooo. I’ve never seen it before, two women on a dance floor.”

 “I hope and pray ABC will come to their senses by NOT promoting this medically and mentally dangerous path to our neighbors, especially our children.”

 Indeed! Cuz you know children are going to watch a dance competition show and see Chaz in action and think, I’m gonna change genders too! Uh-huh.

 “ABC has been pushing the gay lifestyle…the push now to accept transgender is just too much for me to bear. I will watch the first episode to see who advertises…and through Twitter and Facebook will urge friends and friends of friends to boycott not only your show, but your network and all those who advertise with you.”

 Good luck with that.

 Many of the commenters invoked Biblical passages and predicted a sure road to hell for Bono and for those who support him. You wonder: if they’re so worked up about a dance competition show, how do they get through the day? Are they a hundred times more outraged by starvation and poverty and human suffering? If they’re good Christians, that must be the case, right?

 Yes, the vast majority of us are quite comfortable with the genders to which we’ve been assigned, thank you very much. But imagine all that a Chaz Bono has to go through–medically, emotionally, on all levels–to become the person she wants and needs to be. If someone undertakes that journey, how can their choices be anything BUT legitimate?

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