Sarah Palin Failed As A Hard-To-Get-Candidate

And this assessment comes from a Republican columnist, Paul Gigot, who I respect and always enjoy reading.

Ms. Palin might have been a contender. Had she finished her job as governor, devoted a year or two to learning what she didn’t know about the world and economics, built a network of support around the country, and developed a thicker skin about the media, she might now be a formidable candidate. Instead, she chose to be a media celebrity and to play hard-to-get as a candidate. The best thing she could do for her reputation at this point would be to declare once and for all that she isn’t running, and then work to support whoever is the GOP nominee.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Failed As A Hard-To-Get-Candidate

  1. Robert

    Sarah Palin was being sued in some 15 laws suits by the Democrat committee after the campaign of 2008. Think about this now. Day in and day out she would have been called away from her office as Governor. Moreover, most people who are called from their local office for a national campaign NEVER return to office. But, Governor Palin did. Only to be more viciously attacked by both the DNC and national LAMEstream media. She was now a national figure as well which some falsely portray as “celebrity” but it comes with the terrain when you seek a national office and this takes the focus off of the constituency. Gov. Palin did the admirable thing and passed the torch to her Lt. Governor so that the focus would be back on the citizens of Alaska and they could receive quality governance. Did you happen to hear her speech in Iowa on September 3rd? Apparently that’s all you did was hear it because if you listened then you know she has a solid grasp on American and world economics by the 5 point plan she laid out. As for her network of support, it’s something called grass roots, and it’s vast and layered. There’s Conservatives4Palin, Youth4Palin, Students4Palin, Massachusetts4Palin, NH4Palin, Florida4Palin…do I have to go on? Tens of thousands strong and getting the word out for Gov. Palin week in and week out as well as making contributions. Thicker skin to the media? When ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC as well as mediamatters,, and the huffingtonpost malign you constantly I would like to see your skin. Gov. Palin actually does the right thing in this vein. She ignores them and no matter what any one says about her character and lies about her proven record as a leader, she continues to spread her common sense conservative messsage without fear. The best she can do is to declare her candidacy for President of the United States because without her, our country will fail. It’s just that simple. She has campaigned for GOP/Tea Party candidates or didn’t you see the midterm results? Gov. Palin was instrumental in changing the balance of power in Washington D.C. She is exactly the right person, at exactly the right time, with exactly the right message and she will be the next President of the United States of America. Thank you very much.

  2. Robert,

    Thanks for commenting.

    But, “if you listened then you know she has a solid grasp on American and world economics….”


    Are we talking about the same Sarah Palin?

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