Republicans At Wisconsin DOT Not Playing Fair With Voter ID Law

There is something very smelly taking place in Wisconsin.  Once again the stench is coming from the Walker Administration.

As many state residents know there was a needless voter identification bill passed this year by the Republican controlled legislature, and signed into law by Governor Scott Walker.   No Republican that was hell-bent on passing the law could find any great voter fraud in the state, or stolen elections to use as a reason to pass the bill.  All the same the GOP claimed the change in voting procedures were needed to safeguard the election process.

Under the new law that will be fully activated in 2012 voters will be required to show photo identification at the polls.

At the time the legislature was debating the measure many who disagreed with the voter ID measure said that the change was all about disenfranchising voters.  Now there is flaming evidence to support that argument.

An internal memo sent by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation instructs workers not to offer free state identification cards needed for voting unless people ask for them first.

The memo was sent by one of the Republican Party faithful that works within the DOT.

Steven Krieser, now the new executive assistant at the agency, stated in the memo he authored that no one should offer a free card unless asked.

“While you should certainly help customers who come in asking for a free ID to check the appropriate box, you should refrain from offering the free version to customers who do not ask for it.” 


I thought the whole thrust for having the voter identification law in place was to stop the onslaught of out-of-control voter fraud plaguing the state.  Surely state agencies that are part of the law’s functioning should make all efforts to stem the ‘problems’ the law was aimed at preventing. Right?


Could it be that the critics of this law were correct from the start?  Could this whole law pushed by the Republicans been all about voter disenfranchisement?

Data shows that nothing nefarious is happening at the polling places in Wisconsin. NOTHING. There are no streams of voters pretending to be someone else, or voting twice. There are no throngs of folks using fake aliases to cast a ballot, and there are no elections that have been decided by all these wild claims. The only drama that is taking place regarding elections are when Republicans breathlessly try to gin up their base with false-hoods about voter fraud.

Now that they passed the bill they wanted, the GOP is working to make parts of it not function smoothly!

The stench of  state government is spreading across Wisconsin.

Next year, due to actions of this type by the GOP at the DOT, the voters are going to clean out the barn.

Silvercryst Restaurant Open For Business Following Major Summer Storm

When I was a kid it seemed  on stifling hot summer weekends my mom and dad would want to take a drive.  My mom always thought heading towards Wautoma and around the Silver Lake area was such a relaxing journey.   Such a  trip,  my mom would remind us, would provide some cool breezes. 

One of the places we always seemed to drive by was the famed Silvercryst Restaurant.  Many know the famous eating spot for the bull that greets visitors.  As a kid I can still recall all the pine trees that seemed to grow around the place, and whisper as we drove along.   My mom was correct about the cooler breezes in Wautoma.

This past week a most wicked storm system rocked much of central Wisconsin, including Wautoma.  One of the businesses in the line of the high winds and rain was the Silvercryst.  In spite of the weather the restaurant was back in operation on September 3rd.  Rumors that it was somehow closed, or in need of great repair were not founded in fact.

The Silvercryst opened in 1894 and remains one of the top supper clubs in the region.  

Drive by today and hear the pines whisper, better yet stop in and have dinner!

Wisconsin Schools Should Provide Milk, Not Water, With Snacks

Not having kids in public school I was just under the impression that milk was always served at snack time.  I strongly suspect that most of my fellow citizens of Wisconsin thought the same.

So it was rather perplexing to read this morning in the Wisconsin State Journal that the Baraboo School District is resorting to asking school children to drink water with their morning snack.

I may not have kids but am smart enough to know that growing children need proper nutrition, and that the educational process runs far smoother with kids who have the zip and drive from proper nutrients, of which milk provides a good supply.

The article noted that parents pay 30 cents for the daily milk, but school officials decided to end the program due to concerns the state might eliminate the Wisconsin School Day Milk Program.  That program aids in paying for milk for students from low-income families.  Milk is still served with lunch.

There is something dreadfully wrong in this state when school districts fear the actions of their state government so much that they stop offering milk at snack time!  The tone and style of the present leadership in Madison is not playing well outside the statehouse, and this story is but yet another example to make my point.

Wisconsin has long been proud of our fine dairy operations, along with the milk, cheese, and butter that are produced here.  So it is baffling and pathetic that our school children have to go without milk so to meet some bottom line for a partisan purpose in Madison.

While it was noted by school officials that more water should be consumed by children, let’s be honest about the matter.  If given a choice a kid will always select milk with a cookie or some other snack over water.  For any school district official, or pencil pusher in the Governor Walker Administration, to suggest otherwise only underscores how far removed they are getting from the people they serve.

“A Great Deliverance” Makes Murder Mystery An All-Night Affair

I like the old-fashioned type of murder mystery where there is more intrigue than gore.  I want suspense that takes a reader along with detectives in search of the killer without a real answer until the end.  I want a plot that is believable, and yet thick and dense enough to make one ponder and muse about the real killer.

Such was the joy I found in “A Great Deliverance” by the amazing and very well-known Elizabeth George.    With a high pile of books to her credit, the story of a decapitation is the first in her journey of best sellers.

This past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the drama, and feel not cheated in any way by the way the author treated me as a reader.  That is important to me.

Too often I find with murder mysteries the plot is cheap, or the suspense limp.  But with George the tautness of the tale never wavered.  Her characters are multidimensional and colorful.  especially the American dentist!  (And no he is not the one wielding the ax.)

I know murder mysteries are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you ever wanted to treat yourself to one that will not gross you out or force the light to be on all night than “A Great Deliverance” is the way to go.

The way this story was crafted makes me know that the second in her series, with a continuing cast of detectives from Scotland Yard, will  soon be keeping me up one night very soon.

WordPress Fixes Link Problem

Many are aware that over the past week WordPress has experienced some issues with linking URLs inside of a blog post.  As I like my blog tidy and eye-appealing the lack of being able to perform this task was upsetting.  But tonight the crack team at WordPress has solved the issue, at least for me.

I loaded Firefox onto my computer and SHAZAM everything worked.

I am not sure why the problem developed, or why this download was the avenue to solve it, though I am curious and will try to find out.  I know that many swear by Firefox and it has a far better track record at safety than its main competitor.  But more than that I can not say as to why this worked for my blog.

Finally, I just want to add a sincere thanks to the technical crew at WordPress who have thought long and hard about the problem, and have located a solution.

With that blogging resumes with the orderly look that my readers have come to expect.

Now get your feet off the coffee table…