“A Great Deliverance” Makes Murder Mystery An All-Night Affair

I like the old-fashioned type of murder mystery where there is more intrigue than gore.  I want suspense that takes a reader along with detectives in search of the killer without a real answer until the end.  I want a plot that is believable, and yet thick and dense enough to make one ponder and muse about the real killer.

Such was the joy I found in “A Great Deliverance” by the amazing and very well-known Elizabeth George.    With a high pile of books to her credit, the story of a decapitation is the first in her journey of best sellers.

This past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the drama, and feel not cheated in any way by the way the author treated me as a reader.  That is important to me.

Too often I find with murder mysteries the plot is cheap, or the suspense limp.  But with George the tautness of the tale never wavered.  Her characters are multidimensional and colorful.  especially the American dentist!  (And no he is not the one wielding the ax.)

I know murder mysteries are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you ever wanted to treat yourself to one that will not gross you out or force the light to be on all night than “A Great Deliverance” is the way to go.

The way this story was crafted makes me know that the second in her series, with a continuing cast of detectives from Scotland Yard, will  soon be keeping me up one night very soon.

3 thoughts on ““A Great Deliverance” Makes Murder Mystery An All-Night Affair

  1. Annie K.

    Good to know. I can always tell within the first few paragraphs if I am going to be comfy with a writer. I’m really super-sensitive that way, unless it’s non-fiction. So I mention that in case you are the same. There is a writer (thankfully prolific) that I adore!!!! She is so excellent. Intelligent and kind of minimal in a way. Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone detective series set in San Francisco area is just tops in my opinion. Here’s her site. http://marciamuller.com/ Libraries always have her books.She has collaborated with her husband the author of The Nameless Detective series and she has gotten awards etc.
    But I say her portrayal of a female is really ground-breaking in a subtle way, you don’t CARE if she male or female and you don’t “feel” the female-ness, it’s not “enculturated” in any way. Sharon (the detective) is just a person, a person with quirks and her own mind-set but not all gender-y.

    Another one I like is the Lee Nez series, by Aimee Thurlo, as I remember her writing is not as high quality as Muller’s but the characters and pacing are not a problem IMO. So I enjoyed them. Lee is a Navajo (Dine) cop and….vampire! but not the Anne Rice/Twilight type, he’s like native culture Hataali medicine type of supernatural stuff. Worth reading just to really immerse i how other people see witches etc. Not the Merry Olde England-Puritan types but the SW America skinwalker type. A little scary/eery at times but not bad at all. Plus you get to learn good stuff like – never walk directly up to a Traditionalist’ Hogan, wait buy your beat up old truck until someone peeks out and motions you in. No matter how long that takes. I prefer that to the American feeling of being supposed to be “gracious” if some Nob knocks on your door, even if you don’t wanna deal with anyone.

    A really old-fashioned murder series (maybe too “super-cozy” for your tastes but perhaps good if you were in bed with a flu or something) is the Miss Seeton series. Retired British Art teacher, written by both Hampton Charles and Heron Carvic (one died and the other took over as I recall.
    But like I said it’s pretty Tea-Time-y, but still not “stupid”.

    If you’re gonna do Sharon McCone start early , because each book builds on the others. Edward of the Iron Shoes has pertinent info to the characters etc,. but as the first book Muller seems not quite settled in yet and I actually thing to start with a little later one and then back-track if you like that one. If you read one of Muller’s more recent non-series books there’s much more “modern menace” IMO.by the time you’re at Book 8 in this list she’s really cookin’ with gas!

    so….I’ve enjoyed a few mysteries in my time I guess, LOL (but never read an Elizabeth George or saw one on PBS)

    p.s. I no longer comment on political posts. and I’ve given up on the human race (including so-called “leftists” and teachers and union-members and all the other canonized saints)
    p.p.s. still sick of popes too, gol darn ya !!!!!!

  2. Alinka

    Oh, thats right, thanks, Annie! How is you popes book going, buddy?Getting inspired,maybe you plan to enter a seminary soon? Did you get to the naughty bits yet, Alexander VI, and borgia family? lol you know you won’t live that one down with us 😉

    On a serious note, thanks for the review. Sounds interesting

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