Silvercryst Restaurant Open For Business Following Major Summer Storm

When I was a kid it seemed  on stifling hot summer weekends my mom and dad would want to take a drive.  My mom always thought heading towards Wautoma and around the Silver Lake area was such a relaxing journey.   Such a  trip,  my mom would remind us, would provide some cool breezes. 

One of the places we always seemed to drive by was the famed Silvercryst Restaurant.  Many know the famous eating spot for the bull that greets visitors.  As a kid I can still recall all the pine trees that seemed to grow around the place, and whisper as we drove along.   My mom was correct about the cooler breezes in Wautoma.

This past week a most wicked storm system rocked much of central Wisconsin, including Wautoma.  One of the businesses in the line of the high winds and rain was the Silvercryst.  In spite of the weather the restaurant was back in operation on September 3rd.  Rumors that it was somehow closed, or in need of great repair were not founded in fact.

The Silvercryst opened in 1894 and remains one of the top supper clubs in the region.  

Drive by today and hear the pines whisper, better yet stop in and have dinner!

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