Wisconsin Schools Should Provide Milk, Not Water, With Snacks

Not having kids in public school I was just under the impression that milk was always served at snack time.  I strongly suspect that most of my fellow citizens of Wisconsin thought the same.

So it was rather perplexing to read this morning in the Wisconsin State Journal that the Baraboo School District is resorting to asking school children to drink water with their morning snack.

I may not have kids but am smart enough to know that growing children need proper nutrition, and that the educational process runs far smoother with kids who have the zip and drive from proper nutrients, of which milk provides a good supply.

The article noted that parents pay 30 cents for the daily milk, but school officials decided to end the program due to concerns the state might eliminate the Wisconsin School Day Milk Program.  That program aids in paying for milk for students from low-income families.  Milk is still served with lunch.

There is something dreadfully wrong in this state when school districts fear the actions of their state government so much that they stop offering milk at snack time!  The tone and style of the present leadership in Madison is not playing well outside the statehouse, and this story is but yet another example to make my point.

Wisconsin has long been proud of our fine dairy operations, along with the milk, cheese, and butter that are produced here.  So it is baffling and pathetic that our school children have to go without milk so to meet some bottom line for a partisan purpose in Madison.

While it was noted by school officials that more water should be consumed by children, let’s be honest about the matter.  If given a choice a kid will always select milk with a cookie or some other snack over water.  For any school district official, or pencil pusher in the Governor Walker Administration, to suggest otherwise only underscores how far removed they are getting from the people they serve.

7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Schools Should Provide Milk, Not Water, With Snacks

  1. Railroad Baron

    water was not even invented when i was in elementary – middle – or high school

    we had access to 2% milk at school meals and special occasions

    we had a choice of borden’s white or chocolate….no carton limit

    at least that was the policy at waunakee public schools

  2. Solly

    How long before Walker wants to consider a ketchup packet as one serving of a vegetable at school lunch, a la his hero, Ronald Reagan?

  3. Bev

    Actually, I have to disagree with you. With the way that the milk is today, water is the healthier alternative. When kids go through the school lunch line, they have the choice of chocolate, strawberry, or white milk. Of course, the strawberry and chocolate flavors have TONS of corn syrup and preservatives in it… but guess which the kids choose. I know our grandkids take lunches from home and have started carrying water rather than purchase milk at school because the white milk (they know better than to go for the sugary types or my daughter would have their hide!) is usually sour or old because only a couple drink it. A school of 800 students and probably 100 staff and they can order only 50 cartons of white a week.

    The real thing that needs to happen is take the flavored milk out of the school. Obesity is so prevalent in this country and the last thing we need is to be educating our children on how to eat poorly.

    Jamie Oliver is a guy that has been trying to change the American school lunch program. He did so in England. He is very against the flavored milk. Marv and I love his Food Revolution show — it really makes you think about what you eat.

  4. Bev,

    I agree with you about flavored milk, and also am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. When I was a boy we really only had white milk at school, and then on special days, I guess around Christmas, we had chocolate. But I too feel as you about sugars in these flavored milks, and understand your point.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. Craig,

    Wrong…milk is proven to provide many nutrional needs over the span of one’s life. It is something that is known to be a major source of strong bones and fitter bodies.

    Cats drink milk throughout life.

  6. Matt

    Wake up!!!! Milk is full of growth hormones & loaded with casein ( glue used to put labels on bottles). After pasteurization, most beneficial nutrients are destroyed. You can get considerable more calcium from leafy greens.
    As for water, you must first remove sodium fluoride and chlorine. It has been known for decades that fluoride is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic. Na4 (sodium fluoride) has been proven to lower IQ levels, linked to prostate cancer, hypothyroidism. Not to mention, Prozac is primarily composed of fluoride compounds. Sodium fluoride is not naturally occurring, but rather a by-product of phosphate & aluminum mining. Research yourself & speak up.

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