WordPress Fixes Link Problem

Many are aware that over the past week WordPress has experienced some issues with linking URLs inside of a blog post.  As I like my blog tidy and eye-appealing the lack of being able to perform this task was upsetting.  But tonight the crack team at WordPress has solved the issue, at least for me.

I loaded Firefox onto my computer and SHAZAM everything worked.

I am not sure why the problem developed, or why this download was the avenue to solve it, though I am curious and will try to find out.  I know that many swear by Firefox and it has a far better track record at safety than its main competitor.  But more than that I can not say as to why this worked for my blog.

Finally, I just want to add a sincere thanks to the technical crew at WordPress who have thought long and hard about the problem, and have located a solution.

With that blogging resumes with the orderly look that my readers have come to expect.

Now get your feet off the coffee table…

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