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Glorious Rose Blooms

September 8, 2011

This year we planted a variety of roses to see how they fared, or perhaps more to the point, how we should be graded on growing them.   As summer slips along I am reminded of George Jones singing “it’s been a good year for the roses.”

A most glorious rose bloomed today on my mom’s trellis bench which James and I bought and assembled for Mother’s Day about 9 years ago in Hancock, and which now sits at our Madison home.  The colors on the rose are amazing.  In the sun it truly glows.  The picture does not do it justice.

Next season, given how we have done this year with our plantings, we intend to create a rose garden of about 7 varieties. It will be situated for perfect sun conditions, and in direct line of where the neighbors sit to drink coffee.  Everyone will be able to enjoy the roses!

But for today I am blown away by the beauty of the one that bloomed on the trellis.

In addition there were other rose  blooms this morning that made for smiles as soon as I went outdoors.


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