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Conservative Jews Hurt Democratic Candidate David Weprin In New York Special Election

September 10, 2011

This news has been building for weeks.

Come Tuesday the Democratic seat of Rep. Anthony Weiner in New York will be lost to a Republican.  The only consoling news is that the seat will be eliminated with redistricting next year.

Still the news is hard to take since the reason for the loss is made up, in part, by conservative Jewish voters who have no ability to look at U.S./Israeli relations with any sense of objectivity.  To make President Obama the fall guy in this race over foreign policy is absurd.  Yet that is what is happening.

In addition these same Jewish voters are upset with gay marriage passing in New York this year thanks, in part, from the support of brave and sincere men like State Assemblyman David Weprin. 

Now conservative Jewish Democrats are seemingly going to cast a vote for the Republican candidate, Bob Turner.  How is that a vote anyone can be proud of?

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat, publicly backed Mr. Turner this week and urged constituents to vote for him to “send a message” of their displeasure with the president.

Mr. Hikind, a prominent orthodox Jewish politician in a district where roughly 30% of likely voters are Jewish, said, “There’s no question that within the very pro-Israel Jewish community in this district, they don’t believe Barack Obama, deep down, is a real friend of Israel.”

In the Siena poll, 54% of respondents viewed the president unfavorably, while 43% had a favorable impression. “In a district that’s 3-to-1 Democratic, Obama’s numbers are underwater,” said Siena pollster Steven Greenberg.

The presence of more conservative Democrats has dogged Mr. Weprin, who has been opposed throughout the race by those still angry over his vote earlier this year in the state Assembly to legalize gay marriage. Mr. Turner is drawing some support from Jewish groups that oppose gay marriage, which Mr. Weprin says is a civil-rights issue.

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