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Sarah Palin Supporters Like “Scientologists”

September 10, 2011

I must say for all the reading I do about politics I had not come across anyone commenting that the supporters of Alaska’s former governor were akin to “scientologists”‘.  Not that I disagree, but it is one hell of a comparison.

What made it even stranger was the comment came from a Republican who once supported Sarah Palin!

If the condescension wasn’t already bad enough, it’s begun to drip from some of Palin’s former supporters. Some of them are now turning against Palin. They say it’s because she has yet to declare whether she intends to run for president. By waiting, some say she could split the conservative base.

On FOX News Tuesday night Ann Coulter, a once ardent supporter, said, “You know, fish or cut bait here, because you are ginning up this group of Americans who will not even consider anyone else.”

Eric Erickson on RedState went one step further. “Governor Palin has teased us long enough,” he said. “Most of us are tired of it. She has harmed her own entry into the race and now, even if she got in, would only see a modest rise in polling.” 

Both of them are also tough on her supporters. Coulter said, “I’m starting to dislike her because of her fans.” Saying that he’s sick of the response he gets when he criticizes them or Palin, Erickson went as far as to say they reminded him of “scientologists.” He wrote:

I’m tired of the tease. But I’m even more tired of the angry cranks and Palin prophets who swear to know her every move and have shown neither ideological nor political moorings in anything other than their hopes and wishes poured into the vessel of their ambition named L. Ron Hubbard Sarah Palin.


  1. September 10, 2011 3:07 PM

    I wondered how soon after Palin started attacking the whole “system” (rather than just the liberal side of it) that the conservatives would go after her….

  2. skullduggery permalink
    September 10, 2011 9:54 AM

    Palin has long time Scientologist pals John Coale and his wife Gretta Van Susteren in her camp…Coale Is Palins advisor and ran her PAC

    Its would be no surprise if Coale and Van Susteren didn’t pimp their wacky cult influence onto the Palins …Its Policy to push Scientology’s influence and ideology in regards to people of influence…..

    Scientology may well keep an intelligence gathering Folder on the Palins in an effort to find their ruin…and to have some leverage and influence

    Scientology uses the influence of its Celebrities to trade favors…and get special treatment from Govt officials…why not Sarah Palin

    Coale and Van Susteren have invested an inordinate amount of time playing footsie with Sarah and her camp

    its not that long ago that Scientology In an operation called “Snow White” perpetrated and convicted of carrying out the largest domestic infiltration/espionage case in US history

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