Are North Carolina Republicans Interested In Jobs Or Anti-Gay Culture War?

I ran across an interesting story in the morning newspaper that will place Republicans either on the side of job creation and economic improvement, or on the side with anti-gay culture warriors.

The line will be drawn in North Carolina, a state you might recall President Obama  won in 2008.  That fact is key to this whole story.

Now to rally the conservative base and throw some red meat into the mix come 2012 the North Carolina legislature is considering placing a needless ballot measure before the voters.  What is being proposed is a vote to ask if the state statute, which already makes marriage between a man and woman to be the legal standing in North Carolina, also be made a part of their constitution.

In 2006 the same political games were played in Wisconsin as Republicans worked over-time to place a marriage amendment on the ballot at the time of a key gubernatorial campaign.  At the time I often wrote of my dismay at using bigotry as a way to gin up the turn-out for conservative Republicans.

When the Republicans forced the issue of gay marriage on the Wisconsin ballot for November, I was not surprised. Sad, but not surprised. Striking out at gay Americans is the Republican way to rally their base, excite those who feed on this to ensure they then cast a ballot on Election Day. The GOP controlled Wisconsin Legislature felt a Republican nominee for Governor could not make it on his own without some red meat to stir the angry white males–the demographic group targeted by the GOP with their anti-gay message. Perhaps should they have found a better candidate rather than spreading a message of hatred and intolerance?

Now the same appears about to happen in North Carolina.

But there is a twist as many in the business community (as there was to some degree during Wisconsin’s shameful fiasco) want sense to govern the minds of those making the decision about whether to have such a ballot measure placed before the voters.

Why make a stain on North Carolina, the argument goes among some business leaders, in this dark economic hour by signaling out a minority of the state population for public judgment.  What message does that send to others thinking of relocating to North Carolina for business purposes?

Only the most crass Republicans would opt for such a hateful idea all to create a higher turnout for Republicans in 2012.

Knowing conservatives as I do mark my words that the legislature will place this mean-spirited measure before the voters.

I pose the same question today as I did in 2006. 

Perhaps should they have found a better candidate rather than spreading a message of hatred and intolerance?”

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