How Much Would You Pay To See ‘Economist’ Sarah Palin Debate Paul Krugman?

Silly idea, you say!

I think not.

While getting ready for lunch today I turned on the television and heard Sarah Palin will be on FAUX News tonight explaining why President Obama’s job creation bill is “wrong for America.”

I had no idea that Sarah Palin had read enough to ponder the economic pros and cons of the president’s ideas which were laid out to the nation last week.  Frankly, I had no idea Palin could read, period.

Which led to think of a real economist, Paul Krugman, who I always enjoy reading and hearing from as I learn so much.

Then my mind flashed to a great idea, thanks to FUAX News mentioning the Shanksville Memorial for the downed 9/11 aircraft and passengers.  All are aware of the millions still needed to finish this most worthy project in Pennsylvania.

I know this household would pay a live-event fee to our cable company for the chance to see Sarah Palin place her economic credentials up against Paul Krugman in a one-hour debate.

All the proceeds could be used for the Shanksville Memorial.  Millions could be raised over-night!

Might Sarah Palin wish to help?  I bet Paul Krugman would agree.

I will be waiting for a twitter response from the bright one in Alaska to my idea.

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