Israel Should Have Really Worked For Peace With Neighbors When They Had Chance

For years there has been an intellectual debate in Washington think tanks, and among Middle Eastern experts over the dangers Israel was creating for itself by slowing down the peace process, and more to the point, undermining it completely.

The changing demographics within Israel, along with the transition that was going to occur among neighboring countries at some point (though no one predicted the energy or timing of the Arab Spring) all led many to conclude Israel had chosen the wrong path. 

But as many leaders in Washington have come to understand no one can give Israel any guidance that is not tossed aside.  After all, Israel knows all.

Today the conservative Wall Street Journal had a news story that pointed out the new landscape which Israel now finds itself.  A landscape that could have been different had Tel Aviv paid attention to the experts for all these past years.

Some Israeli cabinet members and experts advocated apologizing for the Mavi Marmara killings, but Mr. Netanyahu went along with hardliners including Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who say Mr. Erdogan had made the strategic choice to clash with Israel and denounce its Gaza blockade to boost its stature in the Muslim world.

Having warned months ago of a diplomatic “tsunami” headed toward Israel with the Palestinian’s U.N. bid and the Arab Spring, Defense Minister Ehud Barak publicly urged Israel’s government in a statement on Sunday to reconsider its regional strategy amid “this triangle of Turkey, Egypt, the negotiations with the Palestinians, and of the intimacy with the U.S., which has been weakened.”

Last week, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was quoted by Bloomberg News calling Mr. Netanyahu an “ungrateful” ally who hasn’t done enough to advance the peace process despite U.S. diplomatic and military support.

The regional crisis reignited a debate in Israel over whether a peace push with the Palestinians would ease Israel’s problems. But the prevailing opinion in the U.S. government seems to view Israel as more vulnerable and unable to influence the region.

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