Coal Controls House Speaker John Boehner

There are many reasons to be concerned about this story.  From needing to find and finance clean energy, to controlling health care costs that are preventable, and limiting the obscene amount of money needed to finance political campaigns…..

This is not an unique story by any means.  Members of congress from both parties, and all sides of the ideological spectrum, are tainted with these types of stories.

It is not right to have the largest concentrations of power and money able to buy the political process.  But that is what is happening, and has been occurring for far too long.  It has never been a good idea, and it never will be.

Problem is too few pay attention to the amounts of cash that are gathered and given to those who take an oath to serve the nation.

Move Along Nothing To See Here!

U.S. coal companies have pumped $1.5 million into House Speaker John Boehner’s political operation this year, a sign of the industry’s beefed-up efforts to fight new and proposed regulations from the Obama administration.

The coal industry now ranks as one of the top sources of cash for the Ohio Republican, rivaling such perennial GOP donors as Wall Street and the real-estate industry. A large part of the coal industry’s donations came in a single week at the end of June.

Donations from coal-industry interests account for more than 10% of the $12.5 million Mr. Boehner collected from Jan. 1 to June 30 for fund-raising accounts he directly controls. Mr. Boehner’s personal campaign account collected less than $200,000 from the coal industry during the entire 2009-10 election cycle.

The cash flowing to Mr. Boehner’s coffers stems partly from the GOP’s efforts to roll back the Obama administration’s environmental and energy policies since taking control of the House in 2010, and replace them with fewer regulations in order to boost domestic energy production. Republicans say proposals to curb pollution from coal-fired power plants and limit mining threaten to raise energy costs and stifle job-creation.

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