(Final) Papal Trivia: What Is In Short Supply At The Vatican?

After a truly enjoyable summer of reading Absolute Monarch I can now say the book is finished.  Five-stars for a history that was well-researched, and amazingly presented with a very readable and convincing narrative.

Having said that it is now time for the last papal trivia, (somewhere my reader Annie sighs) and the tidbit comes from John Paul 1, who was clearly murdered in 1978 with planing by some in the curia. 

Shortly after getting the fisherman’s ring (it would have to be short as he only was pope for 33 days, the shortest reign since that of Leo XI in 1605)  John Paul commented that the Vatican was not really a nice place to have to live and work.

Pope John Paul 1 said, “I hear nothing but malice, directed against everyone and everything.”

Then he commented, and here is the trivia concerning what is missing in the Vatican.

John Paul stated, “Also, I have noticed two things that appear to be in very short supply: honesty and a good cup of coffee”

I can not vouch for the coffee, but after this masterful work by John Julius Norwich I agree with John Paul about the honesty.

John Paul 1 might be one of the few popes that actually gets into heaven.

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