Teabaggers Shout “Yeah” In Favor Of Letting Sick People Die

Clearly not the valedictorians of their graduating class.

One thought on “Teabaggers Shout “Yeah” In Favor Of Letting Sick People Die

  1. Chilling. With this crowd we might as well bring out the gladiators and have an old-fashioned blood bath.

    What they seem to be missing here is that the hypothetical young man in question wouldn’t be allowed to just die because the hospitals have to accept him in their ERs whether he can pay or not and all of us end up paying for it. If everyone had health care insurance, the taxpayers wouldn’t have to foot the bill. But I guess they would rather have him die.

    And, Ron Paul, I really can’t imagine churches picking up the bill for everyone who doesn’t have insurance. Can you see someone being admitted to a hospital saying “Oh, I’m a Lutheran. Put it on my tab.”?

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