Book Claims Sarah Palin Had Affair With Her Husband’s Business Partner, Had Fetish For Black Men, Sex With Glen Rice

You think Sarah Palin looks shocked?

You will be too after this post!

Readers may recall that in September 2008 I asked a simple question.

Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner?  Some thought I was being rude or out-of-bounds.  Seems I was just ahead of the curve ball.

Well, now there seems to be an answer thanks to a new book.  There also seems to be LOTS more to know about the homespun defender of family values!

Reports based on a new book about her by Joe McGinniss allege that she also smoked marijuana with one of her college professors and had a six-month affair with Brad Hanson, one of her husband’s former business associates.

In addition, there is this NUGGET!

In yet another her former chief of staff, Mike Tibbles, alleges that as Governor she ordered that 20 staff from ethnic minority backgrounds be fired because “Sarah just isn’t comfortable in the presence of dark-skinned people”.

That image is belied by another startling claim in the book – that, in private at least, Mrs Palin had a “fetish” for black men. Nine months before her marriage to Todd Palin, when they were already a couple, she is said to have spent a night with the basketball player Glen Rice, in her sister’s dorm room at the University of Alaska.

Mrs Palin was a local sports reporter at the time. Rice, who went on to play for the Miami Heat, is said to be quoted by McGinniss confirming that the tryst took place.

Sarah Palin at the time she was a sports reporter.

A publishing source close to the book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, said yesterday: “Glen Rice is the hottest piece in the book.”

I think it would be a hoot if Sarah Palin were to run for president and somehow win, and Glen Rice were to be on the winning NBA championship team and arrive at the White House for recognition from the leader of the free world.

Do I slip her the tongue or just shake her hand?

Do I tell him how to get to the Lincoln bedroom?

Scott Toomey, Madison Gay Pride Group, And The Herman Cain Campaign

Hat tip to Rolf.

Anti-gay bigot, Herman Cain, and his confused gay advisor Scott Toomey. 

The reason I find Toomey a confused and perhaps even self-loathing man will soon be shown in this post.

I wonder if idling my mind would allow me to create scenarios anywhere as interesting as the ones that actually play out in the political world.  My plotting is rather good, but when I heard the news today about the Herman Cain presidential campaign I just had to shrug and stick to reading the newspapers.

Facing concerns from supporters in Iowa, Herman Cain’s presidential campaign tried to conceal the role of a top adviser who had been ousted as leader of a gay pride group in Wisconsin amid a financial scandal, a former staffer has alleged in legal testimony.

Now right away one has to ask why anyone with a complete brain stem would go from working for Madison Pride, a gay-rights advocacy organization, to then accept a job as a top advisor to Herman Cain, who is perhaps one of the more bizarre anti-gay wack-a-doodles seeking  fame.

There is no way to know what motivated Scott Toomey concerning his decision to work for someone who is intent on undermining gay progress in America.  Perhaps it was money, and that I find to be a totally unethical rationale to accept, as there is no way to redeem oneself after a sell-out of that kind.  Equally sad would be a deep sense of self-loathing within Toomey that would not allow himself to be who he is, a gay man. 

There is no good way to spin this story.  For anyone.

The alleged cover-up centers around the role of Scott Toomey, treasurer of Cain’s political action committee and senior political adviser thorugh May. Hall wrote that Toomey’s sexual orientation and allegations of misconduct in his role as treasurer of the Madison Pride Board, which hosted an annual parade in Wisconsin’s capital, “had become an issue” for several Cain supporters.

Madison Pride said in 2008 that its board removed Toomey as treasurer after learning bills related to its 2007 event had not been paid and discovering other “financial discrepancies” that it said Toomey had failed to report. The group apologized to its supporters, was forced to scale back its 2008 event and eventually folded.

“It was in the paper that he was the person responsible for that financial mess,” recalled Steve Starkey, a Madison gay rights activist who knew Toomey.

Starkey said Toomey moved to Florida and “went underground” after the scandal. He said his research later found that Toomey’s promotional company also had been accused in court of not paying vendors. Toomey filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and reported more than $20,000 in pending legal judgments against him from companies and a credit union, court records show.

Toomey declined comment Tuesday by e-mail.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Had To Use Emergency Chute To Evacuate Plane

This must have been quite a scare.  CP is very happy to hear that Justice Ginsburg is fine.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is 78 and has battled cancer, was forced to slide down an emergency chute to evacuate a flight at Dulles International Airport on Wednesday, a court spokeswoman said.

Ginsburg was on her way from Washington to San Francisco and was not injured, said Supreme Court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe Estrada.

A pilot noticed a problem with the engine on the United Airlines Flight 586 and ordered 179 passengers and six crew members to exit, said airport spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs.

Gibbs says three people suffered minor injuries during the evacuation, two of whom refused treatment, and one was taken to a hospital.

One passenger, Jodi Gersh, director of social media for the Gannett media company, described panic on her Twitter feed as the plane was forced to evacuate.

“My plane just had an emergency evacuation — down the slides. I am shaking. I don’t know why. People were screaming.”

Later, she posted, “Attendants opened rear door to see where smoke was coming from. They then started very loudly yelling ‘everyone get out.’ Very scary.”

Post Offices For Sale, And The Art Too!

This is rather sad.

This morning I read that sales of post offices, due to fiscal woes, would transfer to private hands some historic public buildings filled with art that was intended to lift the spirits of Americans during the Depression.

Somehow I think these buidlings, and the grand work that many contain, should be a part of the nation’s holdings, and not taken over by private dealers that very well may not have the best intentions for the buidlings, or the works of art.

Between 1934 and 1943, hundreds of U.S. post offices were adorned with murals and sculptures produced under the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture, later called the Section of Fine Arts. Unlike other federally funded arts programs at the time, this initiative was not meant to provide jobs but “was intended to help boost the morale of people suffering the effects of the Great Depression” through art, according to postal officials.

The postal service became the agency with the largest holdings of art from the Treasury program, according to Mr. Wordekemper.

Postal officials say it’s unclear how many of these historically significant post offices will be sold, but many communities are already starting to see the for-sale signs go up.

BREAKING NEWS: At Least 4 FBI Agents At Home Of Former Top Aide To Gov. Scott Walker


I am sure there is one heck of a search warrant with this case.


Here is what we know….

Deputies from the Dane County Sheriff’s Department are also present at the home at 502 Dunning St. on Madison’s East Side.

City of Madison property records identify the home as belonging to Cynthia A. Archer, the former deputy administration secretary to the Republican governor.

“We’re doing a law enforcement action,” one of the FBI agents told a reporter.

He didn’t identify himself or provide further comment but confirmed that he and three others were with the FBI and that Dane County sheriff’s deputies were also involved.

One of the agents had a large camera and two of them were wearing latex gloves. They spent time in the backyard and then went into the house. One also removed a large banker’s box and put it in the truck of a car.

A neighbor said about a dozen law enforcement officers arrived around 6:45 a.m.

Cindy Archer, who abruptly left her top post with the Walker’s administration last month for “personal family matters,” had another politically appointed job under the governor already lined up.

She took a $25,000 pay cut in moving to a position at the Department of Children and Families, but the nearly $100,000 salary in that job is still tens of thousands of dollars more than the pay of others who have had the job.

State officials have said Archer remained on leave. Department spokeswoman Stephanie Hayden has not answered whether Archer was being paid while on leave, saying that was confidential.

Archer, 52, followed Walker to Madison from Milwaukee County after the former county executive won the governor’s race in November. She had held the county’s top staff position under Walker.

Before she abruptly quit on Aug. 19, she was making $124,000 as deputy secretary in the state Department of Administration, the agency that oversees state contracts, the state budget, the state workforce and other key government functions. At the time, state officials said only that Archer had taken a personal leave of absence, giving no details on reasons for the leave, how soon she’d come back or what her duties would be.

Archer, in her resignation letter emailed to Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, said simply that she was done with her job that same day.

But documents provided by the state show she actually was already hired a day earlier on Aug. 18 to the $99,449-a-year job in the Department of Children and Families, as the department’s legislative liaison, according to a letter released Friday from Eloise Anderson, who heads the department. Her appointment to the new job was effective Aug. 20. Anderson’s letter says Archer would be “performing duties as prescribed by this office.”

Anderson said Monday that Archer has a higher salary than her predecessor because of Archer’s extensive background in state and local government and higher educational attainment.

On Aug. 25, Archer said by email that she would leave any announcement about her leave of absence or eventual return to a state job to the governor’s office. She said her leave of absence was for “personal family matters.” Walker’s office has deflected questions on Archer to the department she left and to the one to which she is now assigned.

Archer’s departure coincides with a growing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County, started last year after the disclosure that a Walker staffer at the county had posted political commentary on websites while on her job in the county executive’s office.

In her email Friday, Archer said she was “not involved in any way in the John Doe investigation.”

A John Doe is an investigation in which witnesses give testimony in a closed proceeding before a judge to determine if any laws were broken.

Tom Nardelli, another former county employee who took a state job with Walker, quit his state job as administrator for the Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services in July. That was three days after he had accepted the job, a transfer from another state administrative position. Nardelli was Walker’s chief of staff in the county executive’s office.

Robert Kennedy Signed Book For Elvis Presley

From the Graceland Archives.