Book Claims Sarah Palin Had Affair With Her Husband’s Business Partner, Had Fetish For Black Men, Sex With Glen Rice

You think Sarah Palin looks shocked?

You will be too after this post!

Readers may recall that in September 2008 I asked a simple question.

Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner?  Some thought I was being rude or out-of-bounds.  Seems I was just ahead of the curve ball.

Well, now there seems to be an answer thanks to a new book.  There also seems to be LOTS more to know about the homespun defender of family values!

Reports based on a new book about her by Joe McGinniss allege that she also smoked marijuana with one of her college professors and had a six-month affair with Brad Hanson, one of her husband’s former business associates.

In addition, there is this NUGGET!

In yet another her former chief of staff, Mike Tibbles, alleges that as Governor she ordered that 20 staff from ethnic minority backgrounds be fired because “Sarah just isn’t comfortable in the presence of dark-skinned people”.

That image is belied by another startling claim in the book – that, in private at least, Mrs Palin had a “fetish” for black men. Nine months before her marriage to Todd Palin, when they were already a couple, she is said to have spent a night with the basketball player Glen Rice, in her sister’s dorm room at the University of Alaska.

Mrs Palin was a local sports reporter at the time. Rice, who went on to play for the Miami Heat, is said to be quoted by McGinniss confirming that the tryst took place.

Sarah Palin at the time she was a sports reporter.

A publishing source close to the book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, said yesterday: “Glen Rice is the hottest piece in the book.”

I think it would be a hoot if Sarah Palin were to run for president and somehow win, and Glen Rice were to be on the winning NBA championship team and arrive at the White House for recognition from the leader of the free world.

Do I slip her the tongue or just shake her hand?

Do I tell him how to get to the Lincoln bedroom?

8 thoughts on “Book Claims Sarah Palin Had Affair With Her Husband’s Business Partner, Had Fetish For Black Men, Sex With Glen Rice

  1. Skip

    “Book Claims Sarah Palin…Had Fetish For Black Men”

    That sure sounds like a bit of race baiting. And you wonder why Bill Scanlon thinks you hold right-wing views.

  2. Based on your logic that what I promote on my blog, by extension I am, then my promotion of “Isaac’s Storm” also makes me something of an expert on physics and the meteorology of hurricanes.


  3. Skip

    Logic. You seem quite unfamiliar with it. Where in my comment did I proclaim you to be an expert on fetishes for black men? Your ego must be inflated if you can cull that I said you were an expert on anything from my comment.

  4. Skip,

    You state I am “race baiting” as I used a new book for a post concerning Palin having a fetish for black men. I then figure (based on your comment) that if merely posting about a book makes me ‘something’ then by writing about “Isaac’s Storm” also then makes me an expert on physics and the meteorology of hurricanes. It was a joke to show how stupid your comment was.

  5. John

    I think I’ll write a book and claim Obama has a three inch dick and a fetish for bearded women. Obviously proof is no longer needed for such things.


    Rules on free speech should have a provision, with severe criminal penalty, if you cannot prove your allegations.

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