Post Offices For Sale, And The Art Too!

This is rather sad.

This morning I read that sales of post offices, due to fiscal woes, would transfer to private hands some historic public buildings filled with art that was intended to lift the spirits of Americans during the Depression.

Somehow I think these buidlings, and the grand work that many contain, should be a part of the nation’s holdings, and not taken over by private dealers that very well may not have the best intentions for the buidlings, or the works of art.

Between 1934 and 1943, hundreds of U.S. post offices were adorned with murals and sculptures produced under the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture, later called the Section of Fine Arts. Unlike other federally funded arts programs at the time, this initiative was not meant to provide jobs but “was intended to help boost the morale of people suffering the effects of the Great Depression” through art, according to postal officials.

The postal service became the agency with the largest holdings of art from the Treasury program, according to Mr. Wordekemper.

Postal officials say it’s unclear how many of these historically significant post offices will be sold, but many communities are already starting to see the for-sale signs go up.

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