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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Facing Legal Storm From Milwaukee County Days

September 15, 2011

There seems to be a sense among some that collective bargaining may have been only the first bands of thunderclouds spiraling  from the real storm that is about to wallop Governor Scott Walker. 

The legal hurricane coming in from Milwaukee seems to be intensifying and bearing down on Walker and his administration.

News of the dramatic display Wednesday morning of FBI agents with a battering ram at a Madison home of a top Walker staffer is akin to the opening chapter of a can-not-put-down-stay-up-all-night legal thriller.

Being a Richard Nixon junkie I will try to refrain from any ‘gates’  being used just yet on CP, but there does seem to be a political and legal mess about ready to explode.

There has been a strange series of events within the Walker Administration that no one has been able to explain.  High-ranking, and needless to say high-paid state employees who were very closely connected to Walker when he was county executive , have abruptly resigned their positions. 

Perhaps strangest of all is the case of Cynthia Archer who left her job as deputy secretary of the DOA on August 19th for “personal family matters” but was hired the day before she resigned to work in another politically appointed job at the Department of  Children and Families.  Archer is now on paid sick leave.

For those wanting more intrigue only need look at the salary for her new position.  Archer will take a $25,000 pay cut in moving to that position, but the nearly $100,000 salary is still tens of thousands of dollars more than the pay of others who have had the job.  The administration is saying the higher salary is due to Archer’s skill set and higher education which she brings to the job.  In these budget conscious times one has to wonder what it all means.

Cynthia Archer had served in Milwaukee County’s top staff job for more than the last three years of Walker’s county executive tenure.

Meanwhile Scott Walker’s chief of staff in Milwaukee County was Tom Nardelli.  He quit his $90,000 a year state  job with the administration this summer.  Nardelli had served as administrator for the Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services.

What makes the raid on Wednesday all the more intriguing, and perhaps more telling is the fact the FBI agents were from the Milwaukee office, and that gives many reason to suspect that someone’s county executive days are under investigation.  

Under any other hurricane-like storm we all would be advised to shutter the windows and stay away from low-lying areas.

This time the storm will land squarely in the Governor’s Mansion allowing all of us front row seats to something that very well could resemble ‘Walker-gate’.


I was hoping not to go there just yet…..

At least my friends in Illinois can say this time the governor in trouble is not from their state.

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