Miles Kristan No Better Than Teabagger Who Spat On Congressman

Simply put, I am appalled at the actions of Miles Kristan.

Police were called to the Inn on the Park, at 22 S. Carroll St., just before 10:30 p.m. The bartender told police that two men approached state Rep. Robin Vos, one with a beer in his hand and the other with a video camera. 

The bartender told them to turn the video camera off, and then the man with the beer dumped it over Vos’ head, according to the police report. The two men quickly left the bar, police said.

There are certainly many reasons to have political differences with Wisconsin Republicans.  From collective bargaining to education and the environment there are scores of reasons to differ with policy.

In a grown-up  and mature world those who oppose policies of the other party challenge them in a host of productive ways.  From working within the political process, writing letters to the editor, or even engaging the opposition in debates.

What we should not do is pour beer over the head of someone we oppose, as that is just rank juvenile behavior!

When I heard about the amateur hour that took place at Inn on the Park in Madison I did not think that someone was making  a real stunning statement, but instead was just making a jack-ass of himself.

It reminded me of the teabagger who spat on a black member of Congress who was walking back to the House Chamber in 2009.  That was also captured on tape and is one of the most telling images of the Tea Party.

I have said many, many times before that being a legislator is hard work.  Long hours, lots of constituent concerns, and a never-ending series of policy concerns to mull over.  I never fail to thank those who take the time to serve, be they Democratic or Republican.   

Disagree with the policy or the process that was used, but for Pete’s Sake do not become a jerk and act out like a playground bully.

If one can not argue with words chances are one has little to say.

Miles Kristan  proved that.

5 thoughts on “Miles Kristan No Better Than Teabagger Who Spat On Congressman

  1. BC

    You mention a “tea bagger” who spat on a congressman. You said it was caught on “tape”. I probably never saw it because I made the mistake of looking for a digital video file of it, since I don’t own a video tape playing device. But whatever the case may be, will you please provide a clip of that incident?

    Obviously I’m just giving you a hard time about the word you used, but I am quite serious about my actual question: can you provide evidence of the spit?

    To my knowledge that was never substantiated, in fact if I’m not mistaken Breitbart offered a significant cash prize for anyone who could provide that video. If you have it, you should claim the hundred grand Breitbart offered!

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