Gov. Scott Walker Can Only Stay Mum So Long Over John Doe Investigation And FBI Raid

The Capital Times says it all when it comes to the controversy of the week in the Badger State.

News reports of the FBI raid are the talk of the state. But Walker is not talking. He and his press secretary are instructing reporters not to bring the issue up at public events. ( The Walker handlers would only try that once with me.)

The governor’s reticence is understandable. After all, the core question is the one that investigators wanted to ask of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal: “What did you know and when did you know it?”

Walker can stonewall for a while more.

But with the FBI raid, with a Walker donor admitting to felonies, and with evidence mounting that the governor and his appointees have been busy finding no-show jobs for the targets of John Doe investigations, this is not the sort of scandal that can be swept under the rug.

It is, as well, precisely the sort of scandal that scares investors away from a state — especially when concerns about money laundering and pay-to-play politics have been raised.

Walker may not want to answer questions now, but he is going to have to answer eventually.

One thought on “Gov. Scott Walker Can Only Stay Mum So Long Over John Doe Investigation And FBI Raid

  1. Badger Babe

    It’s interesting how mouthy Walker’s press flack can be when he wants to take potshots at Democrats. But when it comes to being honest and forthright with Wisconsin citizens, he’s downright taciturn! LOL. It’s not like there wasn’t enough reason to recall Walker before the connection between Walker and Wisconsin & Southern RR Owner William Gardner and the John Doe Investigation came to light. If we’re lucky, we might now get the ammunition (in a Concealed Carry State) to impeach Herr Walker. No other governor has been so worthy of being impeached as Babyface Scottie.

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