Thrill-Hunting Of Black Bears Backfires In Montana, Nevada Man Dead

I am sure that the hunting party involved in this incident were planning to use all the meat from the bear they were hunting.  I am sure they are going to use the skin for clothing, and some of the internal organs for medicinal purposes like Native Americans once did.


I am sure that these guys were not out solely for the joy of killing a black bear–a most magnificent animal. 


The hunted, became the hunter.  No tears to be shed over this story–except for the bear.

No one can blame the bear.  He did not come after the man until the most savage human instincts provoked the bear.

It should be noted that these hunters killed a protected  bear. A struggling population of fewer than 30 grizzly bears, which are listed as threatened in the Lower 48 states under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, roam the mountain forests of northeastern Idaho and northwestern Montana.

 A grizzly bear attacked and killed a Nevada man whose friend moments earlier had shot and wounded the animal during a hunting trip in northwest Montana, authorities said on Saturday.

Steve Stevenson, 39, of Winnemucca, Nevada, died of injuries he sustained in the mauling by the grizzly on Friday, said Brent Faulkner, undersheriff with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Montana. After the attack, the bear was shot and killed by Ty Bell, 20, also of Winnemucca.

The two men had paired off as part of a four-man hunting party seeking black bears in the rugged Purcell Mountains where Idaho and Montana border British Columbia.

On Friday morning, Bell mistook a young male grizzly as his quarry and shot the bear, (the guy with the gun was shooting at something he was not sure of!) which sought refuge in a wooded area, Faulkner said.

The two men tracked the wounded bear, which attacked Stevenson before being shot multiple times by Bell.

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