Let Israel Prove They Are Serious Over Peace Talks By Stopping Illegal Settlements

At the 11th hour the Israelis want to have face-to-face peace talks with the Palestinians.  The offer is thrown out to forestall the efforts by the long-suffering Palestinians from pursuing some movement at the United Nations for a bid at a homeland.

While CP is always supportive of talking over fighting there also must be a seriousness brought to the table when making such a proposal..    That is where I fear the Israelis have come up short.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered to hold direct talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly.

Mr Abbas earlier said he was willing to meet Mr Netanyahu but was determined to push ahead with a bid for UN recognition of a Palestinian state.

If Israel is serious I suggest they cease all construction on the illegal settlements taking place on occupied land so talks can begin.  That would show Israel is not just not playing games with the world diplomatic community–again.

If this ‘peace’ proposal by Israel is only one more in a long line of moves to merely prolong the denial of reality in the Middle East it will need to be rejected by the Palestinians.

The world is watching.

What will Israel do?

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