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Video Of Small Out Of Control Bus-Sized Satellite About To Crash On Earth Sept. 23rd

September 20, 2011


From Space Weather comes this video.  It is pretty neat to see.

NASA reports that UARS, an atmospheric research satellite the size of a small bus, will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere on Sept. 23rd plus or minus one day. The disintegration is expected to produce a fireball that could be visible even in broad daylight. Not all of the spacecraft will burn up in the atmosphere, however; according to a NASA risk assessment, as many as 26 potentially hazardous pieces of debris could be scattered along a ground track some 500 miles long. But where? No one can say. Because of the rapid evolution of UARS’s decaying orbit, the location of the debris zone is not yet known. Stay tuned for improved predictions as the moment of re-entry nears.

On Sept. 15th, astrophotographer Theirry Legault video-recorded the doomed satellite during one of its last passes over France.

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  1. CZac permalink
    September 22, 2011 7:00 AM

    My colleague was driving home and saw something in the sky on fire and could even see the smoke. She said it was massive and looked like a UFO. Could it be this?

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