Ted Haggard Should Meet Northern Wisconsin’s Kim Simac


Wisconsin heard plenty during the recall elections about Kim Simac and the story of the swapped spouses.

Now comes word that Ted Haggard, the disgraced minister, is going to film an episode of ABC ‘s Celebrity Wife Swap.

I am assuming that there are not very many into this type of swapping so perhaps there is reason for Haggard to meet Simac and see what can be arranged.

The premise of the series, which was imported by ABC from the UK, is exactly what it sounds like: Two families swap wives for a short period of time, drama presumably ensues.

The Colorado Springs Gazette first reported that the former New Life Church pastor would be filming the episode in Colorado Springs at the GLBT Pride Center.

2 thoughts on “Ted Haggard Should Meet Northern Wisconsin’s Kim Simac

  1. Mark

    Those wives will have to ask themselves which is worse: being married to Ted Haggard or Gary Busey? I predict a double suicide on Wife Swap.

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