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Bob Schieffer Celebrates 20 Years As Anchor Of “Face The Nation”

September 22, 2011


Bob Schieffer,  addressing a bipartisan throng of senators and other newsmakers who turned out at the St. Regis last night to fete his 20th year as anchor of “Face the Nation”: “When I first came to Washington, in 1969, Democrats and Republicans OFTEN showed up at the same parties. They don’t do that much, any more. But tonight is a little bit of exception. And to all the elected officials that are here tonight: I hope you guys get to know one another while you’re here [laughter], and I hope you enjoyed the occasion. [applause]. I gotta say one word about the person who has been on ‘Face the Nation’ more than any other person in the history of the broadcast. … He’s actually OLDER THAN ME – not by much [six months; Schieffer will join McCain at 75 in Feb.]: John McCain over here [applause and cheers].

“We had a party celebrating my TENTH anniversary on ‘Face the Nation,’ in this very room … And I remember Lindsey Graham saying, ‘Boy, I hope this many people show up for your FUNERAL.’ [Laughter] I would just like for Senator Graham to know: It’s been 10 years. There’s no funeral. But we can STILL draw a pretty good crowd here, and I’m really proud of that. [Applause.] … We just love Carin [Pratt, his longtime executive producer]. … I really appreciate your coming back and bein’ with us tonight. … Mary Hager … is now the [executive] producer. And Senator McCain remembers Mary Hager when the two of us were chasing up and down the halls of Congress. And Mary has actually worked with me, I guess, MORE than 20 years. And she started very, very young – she asked me to say that. [Laughter]”

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