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Gov. Rick Perry’s Former Chief Of Staff Pulls Out Knife

September 22, 2011

Hat tip to Rolf.

Those crazy Texans.

And I do mean crazy.

The Texas A&M University system fired Jay T. Kimbrough as its deputy chancellor on Thursday, and police officers were called to the system’s headquarters after he pulled out a pocketknife in the presence of the two university lawyers handling his dismissal, The Eagle, a local newspaper, reported. Mr. Kimbrough, a former chief of staff to Gov. Rick Perry, had served as the system’s interim chancellor until a few weeks ago, when John Sharp became chancellor. Mr. Sharp, who was not present during the dismissal, described Mr. Kimbrough’s departure as a reduction in force, saying the deputy chancellor’s position was no longer needed. Mr. Kimbrough told The Eagle that he was being “cynical and comical” when he pulled out his knife, and that he was surprised that anyone felt threatened. A police spokesman said he had cooperated with the officers who arrived. There were no arrests.

The Eagle noted that there was concern over the careless action with a knife.

I think that Kimbrough should just be glad no one was concealed carry at the time or he might have lost more than a job that day!

As of late Wednesday, police were investigating the incident, said University Police Department Sgt. Allan Baron.

“Mr. Kimbrough never made any direct threats to anyone, but this was alarming to individuals in the office and our department was called,” Baron said. Kimbrough cooperated with authorities, he said.

Asked about an incident involving a weapon during his dismissal, Kimbrough acknowledged that he pulled out his pocketknife, but said he was only “jesting” and “it was misunderstood.”

He said it’s not unusual for him to “break out my pocketknife” but “never would have thought in a million years” anyone in the room would have taken it as a threat.  (Is this akin to the monkeys at the zoo who always need ‘something’ to hold and play with…..?)

“It was fun. It was entertaining,” Kimbrough said.

CP thinks Kimbrough just might be an ass.

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  1. smokey3 permalink
    September 22, 2011 3:17 PM

    He must have been in a room full of anal-retentive nit-wits….. The people in the room couldn’t have been Texan’s if they felt threatened… Lots of folks down there use their pocket knife for toothpicks. People need to “Get over it ” !!!

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