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BREAKING: Gov. Scott Walker’s Chief Spokesman Granted Immunity

September 23, 2011

The continued stench tells me there is a HUGE news story brewing within the courts and investigative agencies concerning the Walker administration.  No Republican can say with a straight face that there is not one hell of an investigation under way.  All the slick talk from the Walker folks are about to be undone with some harsh reality.

It is only matter of time.

Gov. Scott Walker’s chief spokesman has been granted immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation of the governor’s current and former aides, it was learned Friday.

Former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim, who is overseeing the secret criminal probe, said he had granted immunity to three people, including Cullen Werwie, spokesman for Walker, in this part of the case. Records show he was granted immunity April 14.

Last year, Werwie joined Walker’s campaign after the September primary and stayed on when Walker took office in January.

“No comment, ” Werwie said when reached late Friday.

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  1. Patrick permalink
    September 23, 2011 8:29 PM

    “secret criminal probe”=witch hunt.

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