Thanks To My Readers For The Smile

Today we passed another milestone. 

There is never enough time to devote to all the issues and topics that fascinate me.  I started blogging as a way to share my excitement about the many stories and personalities that make up our world.   My Mom always said I liked it best when things were ‘happening’.  She was right.  I do!  When news happens I very much like to add my perspective, and post away.

The fact that I am never bored and continually curious about the world is a fun way to walk through life.  Many of those interests wind up on Caffeinated Politics.  From world shaking events to the colorful blooms out my window there is never a shortage of reasons to post. 

I trust there is aways something worthy of your time as you stop and visit this small space on the internet highway.   I am deeply appreciative to all my readers.

A New Way To Think About The Planets

A friend sent me a video last night that is most remarkable.  Knowing my interest in space, and the excitement over where a NASA satellite was to land after falling from orbit, he thought the video would amuse me.

It did.

I suspect it will do the same for you.

Saturday Song: Sonny James “Since I Met You Baby” And “A World Of Our Own”

It has been said that when Sonny James was booked into a place that sold booze he would finish his show and leave before any was sold.

Others report that when the band got into town on Saturday afternoon, somebody would check the phone book, call around and locate a church.  Sunday morning while wearing suits, without any fuss, with the preacher having agreed to make no mention of them, Sonny and the band would quietly slip in for local services.

And just because….from the stage of Ryman Auditorium.