Republicans Think They Have A Weak Presidential Line-Up

Well, hello!

Many Republicans have been saying they are not satisfied with the current field of presidential contenders.

This morning it was time for FAUX news to echo what so many of the GOP have been discomforted by.

It should come as no surprise that the world is always brighter for a party if just one more candidate enters a political contest.  There was much glee when Rick Perry announced his candidacy, but  late entries are ever hardly impressive, and any one jumping in at this stage is only seeking political suicide.

Care to enter, Sarah?

Any candidate at this stage who looks weak will always look better once the nomination is in hand.  The process has a way of elevating anyone.  Granted, the elevation is not always to the degree needed to win the general election. 

But the over-all dismay with the current Republican playing field will soon pass once there are a few wins by one  candidate next year in the first primaries and caucuses.   That is just how the process works when we always think there is someone better ‘out there’ to run for office.  Sometimes, as in the case of the GOP this year, there are no  any better candidates.

On Fox News Sunday today, Chris Wallace and the panel talked about Rick Perry’s future chances to secure the GOP nomination after his less-than-impressive showing during last week’s debate. Brit Humestarted out by arguing that Perry not only stumbled, he “really did throw up all over himself in the debate at a time when he needed to raise his game.”

A.B. Stoddard, reacting to Herman Cain‘s Florida straw poll victory, suggested this represented not just a disappointment over Perry within conservative circles, but a “dissatisfaction” with the current field amongst the base. Bill Kristol, who summed up the debate in an op-ed titled “Yikes,” defended his claim that Rick Perry was “weak” in the debate, and cited the Florida poll in agreement with the idea that GOP voters aren’t happy with the candidates they already have.

70 percent of the Republicans, having seen with their own eyes Romney and Perry up on the stage Thursday night… voted against the two frontrunners. It was a vote of no confidence in Perry, I think, because of his really poor debate performance, but also in Mitt Romney, who spent a lot of time in Florida over the last five years. To get 14 percent isn’t very strong, so I think these are very weak frontrunners.

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