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Letter From Home: “Standing Up” 9/26/11

September 26, 2011

While walking through my family home on Saturday (the first time I have been allowed to be there since my father passed away on April 11th) a series of memories flooded back.  Pleasant ones that I have not thought of for many years, and others that I have no reason to recall.

As I stood looking out the south window of my old bedroom one of those long-forgotten memories surfaced.  For whatever reason the image of a flying food tray came to mind.  I am sure that a therapist who ponders such things might suggest,  given the events of the past months, that my mind is actively wired to recall an event that made a very positive change in my life.  A change that is still working for me in these trying times.

It was in the opening days of my freshman year at high school when I was purposely tripped while entering the lunch room with a tray of food.  In a fraction of a second I was sprawled on the painted gray concrete floor with food everywhere.  As quickly as I landed the sound of laughing came from the source of a small group of upper classmen who thought the prank on the kid not yet weighing 100 pounds was uproariously funny.

During my teen years I could get angry very quickly as puberty and overall frustrations had combined.  So it was not hard to image me instantly standing with tray in hand and using it in frisbee fashion to sling it into the chest of one of the jerks.  It made an impact and a bit of chaos.

As one might imagine there was a phone call from the school to my parents, but there was never any serious admonishment from Mom or Dad about my action.   There was the implied underlying theme from Dad about standing up for oneself.   My Mom was more worried about me being safe.  It should be noted  that there was never another attempt at school to trip me with my lunch tray in hand.

I have never been a physical fighter since I am not bulky, but more important find the art of reasoning along with multiple resources that I can tap into to be a far more comfortable method for conflict resolution.  While I am not a brawler, I also am not known for lying down for a punching be it physical or otherwise.

Over the past thirty years of adulthood I have become a sure-footed, confident, determined man.  Some who have never allowed themselves to really get to know me may be under some other faulty assumptions.  The fact is I have had a wide array of experiences along with a background in media, politics, government, and life.  After 49 years I am proud of who I am.

But then there are a few who seem to view me as “weak-kneed” and one that can be easily pushed around.

That is when an old truism should be recalled.

Do not mess with someone who is smart and creative for the results might be the opposite of what was hoped for.

At the end of the day I would rather look for the hawk in the neighborhood and have good dinner conversation than deal with contemptible individuals.

But when the need arises I have no reticence about letting others know precisely where the bear needs to crap in the buckwheat.

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  1. GernBlanston permalink
    September 27, 2011 12:52 PM

    I believe this post deserves a Bob Uecker “Get Up, Get Up, Get Outta Here….GONE!” homerun rating!! It’s never easy to deal with such small minded people….again and again and again….ugh!

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