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Oral Roberts’ Gay Grandson, Randy Roberts Potts, Pushing Back Grandfather’s Spiritual Kingdom

September 26, 2011

Now this news is like having chocolate cake before breakfast.  Needless to say I was never a fan of Oral Roberts based on his anti-gay bigotry.  So hearing that the televangelist has an outspoken gay grandson is a perfect bookend to the images that so many have of the aging minister who ranted about all sorts of issues while urging cash to be sent at once for his church. 

I really think that having a leveling agent against homophobia in all families is a good thing, and so CP wishes Randy Roberts Potts all the best.  There is a lot of work to do around the country!

Now Potts wants to share his story of growing up on the Roberts compound under the banner of evangelical royalty, coming out, and his personal faith journey with audiences throughout the United States. This weekend he served as grand marshal for the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma, returning to the home state of his grandfather’s spiritual kingdom.

Randy’s grandfather, Oral Roberts, remained one of the most well-known and controversial leaders inside the American Pentecostal movement until his death in December 2009.

“I was not close to my grandfather, even though my family lived about 20 yards away on the Roberts compound in Tulsa,” he said.

“In everything I do, I ask myself if it will help make the world a better place for young gay men and women growing up in households that tell them being gay is wrong. This is always on my mind.”

Although Potts never imagined that he would work as a spokesman for gay rights — or identify as a gay man — he said now is the appropriate time to put his uniform on and declare which side he’s on.

  1. Morgan permalink
    September 29, 2011 8:54 PM

    In the Episcopalian tradition, we Episcopalians do not talk about 666, the mark of the beast, etc.
    I am a gay and liberal person of faith in the liberal branch of that church. I have never heard the kind of beliefs in Christian faith that might be heard more in the Bible Belt of the South. I also live in a more liberal area than you might out there in Oklahoma in the area of Montgomery County, MD near the Northwest section of Washington, DC.
    The liberal branch of my church gives full participation to gay people and to women in general in the life of the Episcopal Church. Gay men and lesbians and straight women are priests and bishops in the US Episcopal Church in many areas and are accepted and respected.

    Where I attend there is a gay male priest, gay male organist, and my best friend the previous senior warden who served for 3 years is gay.

    Noone ever gave a care or an objection to the various gay men and lesbians who served as priests, organists and choir directors, senior wardens or as supply priests where I attend.

    We don’t talk fire and brimstone or of horrible judgements for this or that. Where I attend, we talk about our walk in our faith, doing for those who have less than ourselves. Of feeding the hungry and of clothing the naked, etc. Of making a difference around us where possible, etc.

    God exists in the heart of good men and women and in the love we show to others in general
    around us without expecting or demanding anything in return.
    That is where God is found, not in hate and not in condemnation of those different from ourselves.
    Every one is on their own journey in life and all have an equal right to faith or to no faith.

    You have gone through a lot to get where you are today. A proud and openly gay man with a wonderful and good spirit and a good heart. Much love to you and keep up the good work.


  2. Doc permalink
    September 28, 2011 12:41 PM

    Thank you Randy for your courage and outreach to the LGBTQ Community! God Bless You!

  3. September 26, 2011 9:23 PM

    You go, Randy!

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