Johnny Wright Dies At 97, Husband Of Kitty Wells

Johnny Wright, son Bobby Wright, Kitty Wells, and your blogger.

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I have often wondered if Johnny Wright was sensitive to the fact that his wife Kitty Wells was more popular than he was.  If he was he never seemed to show it. 

After all there were 15 records in the Country Top 20 recorded by  Johnny Wright and his singing partner Jack Anglin from 1951 to 1962.  As the popular Johnnie and Jack team they were selling records and concert dates with great success.   It would only be natural for Wright to want stardom and more fame.

But there was also the fact that in 1952 Kitty Wells recorded the song “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”  that soon became a country standard.  It soon placed Wells on the way to fame that had not come before then to a solo female recording artist.

In 1963 Anglin died in a car crash on his way to the funeral of Patsy Cline.  Wright’s career was not over, but it was Kitty Wells who was aimed for the stars.

Some might note that the headline to this post lists the death of Johnny Wright, yet it was Johnnie and Jack who made a name for themselves.

There was a minor name change in 1962, when Wright’s given name was misspelled Johnny on one of Johnnie and Jack’s records. He began spelling his name Johnny after that.

I saw Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright perform two shows in their later years.  For all the twists and turns about whose name would be in the bright lights one thing came across when the two of them took the stage.  There was no missing the fact that  Johnny and Kitty were a team in both music, marriage, and life.

There was an old-fashioned quality to the Kitty Wells show that showcased the musical standards she and her husband had become so well-known for.  Like so many of their generation they did not need to be on the road nor shake every hand or autograph every old album.

But they did.

They came from that generation of performer who truly appreciated the fans who had driven many miles and paid for a ticket.

Everyone who came to a Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright Show left with more than music.  They also left with a personal memory of meeting the pair.  

Not a bad way to be remembered as a performer.

Crazy Stuff President Obama Has To Put Up With

Green Bay Packers Not Waiting For Concealed Carry Incident To Happen At Stadium

I was heartened to hear that the Green Bay Packers will be taking a pro-active move regarding security at  Lambeau Field.  With concealed carry about to become law in Wisconsin the new procedures outlined by the Packers will insure safety for all who wish to watch a NFL game in Green Bay.

The new procedures include the use of hand-held metal-detecting wands.

The procedure will be similar to what you might find at an airport. And it will utilize the same lines that have previously existed at entry gates, though it will take more time to get into the stadium.

In addition, the Green Bay Packers said pat-downs may still be used.

While the entire NFL is taking these tougher moves to prevent an incident, Wisconsin has to now contend with the new concealed carry law that is to take effect in November.  It is for that reason that I applaud the increase in security.

It is true that other states have concealed carry laws already in effect, and while I disagree with those measures, I do not live in those states.  I live in Wisconsin, a state I very much love.  Therefore my concern is about Wisconsin, and there is no way I want a shooting to take place at Lambeau Field.

We all are aware that it takes only one lone crazed gunman with a concealed gun to create chaos.  It is most important that sporting events be kept gun-free given the alcohol that is consumed before and during the game, and the high degree of excitement generated by these events.

Thank you Green Bay Packers!

Hypocrisy With Maine’s Same-Day Voter Registration

Hypocrisy is certainly not a new thing in politics.    But the reason I call it out here over this story is due to the hypocrisy impacting the voting process itself, something that I find very troubling when tampered with.

In Wisconsin we take it as a right to be able to register on the day of voting.  Maine had a similar right until June when Republicans started playing their unusual games.

In a nutshell here is the back-story.

Same-day voter registration was eliminated with the passage of LD 1376 in June. Both votes in the House and Senate fell sharply along party lines. Since the bill’s passage, Protect Maine Votes has gathered the necessary signatures to force a statewide people’s veto.

Members of the coalition hoping to restore same-day voter registration in Maine released information early Tuesday detailing legislators who voted to eliminate same-day registration but registered to vote on or near Election Day themselves.

In addition to numerous members of the House and Senate whose registration would not have been allowed under current law, Gov. Paul LePage, (a true conservative Neanderthal) who signed the bill eliminating same-day registration, registered to vote in Waterville on the day before Election Day in 1982.

So why would some in Maine work to not allow voters to register at the time of voting?  According to David Farmer, communications director for Protect Maine Votes who is fighting the Republicans, it appears that the GOP thinks voters are lazy and ill-informed.

“One of the primary arguments made for the repeal of same-day registration is that people who register late don’t care, are lazy or are ill-informed,” Farmer said. “We’ve heard that over and over from the other side. But the fact is, many of the state’s most influential leaders, including the governor, prominent leaders in the Legislature, candidates for public office and business leaders have registered to vote close to Election Day. The day and time you register is not an indicator of your interest in the election.”