Crazy Stuff President Obama Has To Put Up With

4 thoughts on “Crazy Stuff President Obama Has To Put Up With

  1. Steve Adams

    He doesn’t have to put up with any of that. He could be in the Oval Office trying to figure out how to repair the horrendouse damage he has caused this country – instead of running around the country trying to get re-elected so as to cause more damage. Oh well, at least he tried to get the guy his jacket …. woops, it wasn’t his jacket… Hmmmmmmm I guess anything he does he figures close is good enough… So very, very sad…..

  2. I’m sorry, but that heckler sounds like a total fake. Either they let a complete crazy person near the President, or it’s a lefty acting the way he thinks one of those nutty evangelicals would act.

    Honestly, who goes around screaming about the antiChrist?

  3. Steve Adams

    Actually, I heard on the radio today that it was a set up – that everyone behind the guy was armed with a camera to capture this for the media, but you have to admit he put on a pretty good show. Makes more sense when you think about it – unless the Secret Service took a day off….

  4. CommonCents

    So, the Secret Service is suppose to be able to read peoples’ minds and, thereby, be able to keep out someone based on the fact that he/she might make a verbal outburst?

    The President was a class act. Had that happened to Governor Christie, he would have berated the heckler.

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