Green Bay Packers Not Waiting For Concealed Carry Incident To Happen At Stadium

I was heartened to hear that the Green Bay Packers will be taking a pro-active move regarding security at  Lambeau Field.  With concealed carry about to become law in Wisconsin the new procedures outlined by the Packers will insure safety for all who wish to watch a NFL game in Green Bay.

The new procedures include the use of hand-held metal-detecting wands.

The procedure will be similar to what you might find at an airport. And it will utilize the same lines that have previously existed at entry gates, though it will take more time to get into the stadium.

In addition, the Green Bay Packers said pat-downs may still be used.

While the entire NFL is taking these tougher moves to prevent an incident, Wisconsin has to now contend with the new concealed carry law that is to take effect in November.  It is for that reason that I applaud the increase in security.

It is true that other states have concealed carry laws already in effect, and while I disagree with those measures, I do not live in those states.  I live in Wisconsin, a state I very much love.  Therefore my concern is about Wisconsin, and there is no way I want a shooting to take place at Lambeau Field.

We all are aware that it takes only one lone crazed gunman with a concealed gun to create chaos.  It is most important that sporting events be kept gun-free given the alcohol that is consumed before and during the game, and the high degree of excitement generated by these events.

Thank you Green Bay Packers!

One thought on “Green Bay Packers Not Waiting For Concealed Carry Incident To Happen At Stadium

  1. Steve Adams

    Ban guns because of alcohol and excitement ??? You disagree with other states handgun laws even though youi don’t live there, but think there should be a ban in Wisconsin … Hardly the stuff of a free thinker.

    I agree that one lone crazed person can create chaos – but it isn’t usually with a concealed handgun… and it sure doesn’t have to have Lambeau as a stage.. So the crazy one comes charging in with his guns blazing, past all the metal detectors, and everyone sits there and says “Please don’t shoot me – I’d shoot and stop you, but they wouldnh’t let me bring my gun to the game”…

    Love the thought process….

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