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Move Over Cosmonauts, Here Come The Yuhangyuans

September 29, 2011

New word alert.  (At least for me.)

Reading today about the launch of the first Chinese space laboratory allowed me to come across a new word.

Being a space junkie I have always like how the word cosmonaut rolled off the tongue when speaking about the former Soviet, and now Russian space explorers. 

When China sends  citizens of their country to work in their laboratory next year we will refer to them as Yuhangyuans.  (yǔ háng yuán) 

Perhaps in time that word will catch on with those who love to ponder man’s future in space.  Regardless, I am hopeful that the Chinese space venture will allow for more scientific breakthroughs and adventures for all mankind. 

Would it not be wonderful if at some point in the future flights for the average person would be available in an orbiting hotel?  What would a round-trip, two-night, with continental breakfast cost? 

I want a room looking towards Alpha Centauri.

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  1. Craig skip Weis permalink
    September 29, 2011 3:23 PM

    Cost? Roughly $3.78 million U.S. per Troy the NASA cost to low earth orbit as reported in National Geographgic several years ago.

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