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Republicans Will Have Early-Nominating Contests In January

September 30, 2011

Things are moving very quickly.

Florida, as was expected, threw a monkey wrench into the GOP nominating process today

Florida’s presidential preference commission has set the state’s primary for Jan. 31.  Today’s 7-2 vote came after 25 minutes of discussion regarding Jan. 3, Jan. 31 and March 6 as possible dates.

As a result every other contest slated prior to Florida’s primary will be forced to move forward.  It is reported that South Carolina will try to schedule their primary as close to Florida’s as possible, perhaps holding it the Saturday before the Florida vote, on Jan. 28. That scenario could push the Iowa GOP caucuses to Jan. 9, followed by the New Hampshire primary Jan. 17 and the Nevada causes Jan. 21.

Governor Christie had better decide what to do….yesterday.

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