Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” Problem Is A Sign Of Moral Failing

I guess the Republicans must be happy they are in a flavor of the week mood when it comes to their presidential candidates.   There is no clear leader for the Republican nomination, and no clear consensus within the conservative movement who is best to lead their three-thumb crowd.

Many rejoiced when Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race, thinking him to be the savior in the months leading up to the first selection of delegates.  But then a near melt-down in the debates made everyone aware that Perry’s super-sized ego (something anyone requires to run for the White House) was not enough to actually wage a real campaign that could lead to victory.  There has to be more than mere ego to win not only the nomination, but the presidency.  Conservatives are finding out that the Perry glass is not even half full.  Even for them that is not enough.

But it was the news this morning that Rick Perry is morally unfit for office that is making headlines around the nation.

It was reported today that for many years Rick Perry leased  a hunting ranch named  “Niggerhead”.  The ranch had been leased by the family since the 1980’s. 

I know from reading history that the word “Nigger” was used far too long in many places around the nation for geographical names, but I also am aware most of those places had name changes decades ago.

In Texas news about racism must move a lot slower.

The problem with this latest Perry mess at “Niggerhead” is that it is a private place that could have wiped the rancid name off in one swoop of a paint brush or swing with an ax.  That Perry nor his family did not rebuke the place and stop leasing it, or in some way demand a change in its name, speaks to the moral vacuum at the center of this man who wants to be president.

I think the matter goes far beyond being insensitive on the part of Rick Perry over race.  I think it goes well beyond something that can be just brushed off and not matter.

I think “Niggerhead” speaks to the lack of moral fiber within Rick Perry.

Either Perry agreed with the sign and had no problem with it, or he was timid and reticent about demanding  a change to the sign. 

Either way it paints a picture of a man who does not possess the moral character that one must have in order to sit in the Oval Office.

This was a shameful lapse in character on the part of Rick Perry.

It was, however, an illuminating moment for the nation as we evaluate Rick Perry.

34 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” Problem Is A Sign Of Moral Failing

  1. Perry was not a candidate for the White House until a few weeks ago. The research on his background, rightly so, has increased. I can also assure you that the same outrage over this matter would have taken place regardless of what party he was signed up with at the time it became known. For you to suggest otherwise leads me to the other point to this comment. I am assuming you have more a problem with the news being reported than the fact it happened.

  2. Patrick

    “niggerhead,” a strong black chewing tobacco. source: dictionary.com

    Seems like a stupid name for a ranch (which I imagine few people have ever seen), but the larger question here is if we really need to expunge the language of all roots which people might feel are offensive. But isn’t there a duty to preserve history here? Should we change the name of Auschwitz? Or, should we sanitize the word “nigger” from Huck Finn? I only ask because in some of your posts all things historic are sacred, and I believe you came out against sanitizing Huck Finn in another.

    Further, you should extend to Perry the same deference you extend to Byrd who was a grand wizard–or whatever–of the KKK before he realized he could more effectively keep minorities down through the Democratic party (oops, I mean before he “repented”)

    Either way, this will be a boon for those who wish to attack Perry because it is hard to beat the easy cotcha distraction machine.

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  4. As I stated this was private property. Therefore it is not a public road, nor a work of fiction that has value. You are correct that I think history in many cases needs to be perserved to show from the past how to live today and in the future. But that was not the case here with the act that Perry took to keep returning to a place with a racist name.

    But it was a private decision for the owner to make when naming it. I grant you that. A racist one to be sure, but still a private matter. However, when an elected person makes a decision to lease the property then it takes on a larger issue of character. When that person wants to be president it makes a huge statement since there are many in this land that find this wrong on many levels.

    As a sidenote I have never allowed Byrd to escape his past. I think I have written that he grew and matured past it. George Wallace, to some extent, did something of the same. (But less so than Byrd.)

  5. “Should we change the name of Auschwitz?”

    The reason the the name of Auschwitz is not changed is that we do not forget the Holocaust of the place that it happened.

    Can you tell me what great moral lesson Perry is trying to teach the world by retaining the name “Niggerhead” for a hunting ranch?


  6. white people are full of excuses when it comes to each other and stupid shit they say, do and write. Texas is racist and they love Mexican illegals down here, period. I live here. I would never again vote for any candidate for presidency from Texas. They are racists and this is just a simple manifestation of it. Forget the private road crap.


  7. use a taboo word and they will come. who cares if it’s the name of chewing tobacco? what’s more who knew? I sure didn’t. does it make it then acceptable? Private firms can hire only white, blond people if they want to and never hire a brown or black if they are not getting government funds. Does that make it right? Damn right for white people.

  8. drobertson

    “Niggerhead” was the name of a wildflower that flourished in that part of the country. The term has not been used in several decades, and at that time the property was named after the wildflower…not really different from the use of the n-word in Mark Twain writings.

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