Happy 86th Birthday To The Grand Ole Opry!

How can it be that a northern liberal is a life-long fan of the Grand Ole Opry, the nation’s longest running radio show?

As a boy I recall many a Saturday night when the radio that sat on the buffet in our dining room would be turned in just the perfect way so to capture the signal from WSM radio.   From those nights in Hancock, Wisconsin came my love of radio, and the old-time sounds of a fiddle. 

From Nashville the Grand Ole Opry would fill the room and make me wonder not only how the radio signal made it so far to our home, but what it must be like to be in the audience for the performance.

Decades have passed, but the magic has not changed.

I now own that buffet where the radio once rested.  I graduated from broadcasting school and understand more about radio signals.  I have attended both Friday and Saturday night shows in the Opry House. 

It was there during one of the performances that my parents, who were alongside me, were recognized from the Opry stage, and over WSM radio for their 50th wedding anniversary.

This month the Grand Ole Opry celebrates 86 years of being a true slice of Americana.  There is no less a thrill now from hearing the opening fiddle sound over the radio….or internet… then there was 40 years ago back home.

This is indeed a life-time love affair.


One thought on “Happy 86th Birthday To The Grand Ole Opry!

  1. IRV

    Thanks for posting that.. Way back in the 1980’s I had friends from around here in northern Illinois and their roots were in West Virginia.. I was a willing traveler, (As I am today) and we made the trip two or three times.

    So on one of these trips I was invited to a family reunion. And the words of that song capture the experience exactly. . People from Dayton, Akron, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit… All coming back to their REAL home in the mountains.

    I’m 60 years old and I’ll never forget that experience..and wish our so many of us hadn’t lost our roots.

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