Mitt Romney’s Faith An Issue That Needs To Be Dealt With By The Candidate

I have been watching the polls and the various comments in news articles for months concerning the issue of Mitt Romney’s faith.  It is just interesting to see how Romney tries to manuever around the issue that is making it tough for him among a certain segment of the Republican base. 

The art of how a candidate weaves and ducks and spins on any issue makes it enjoyable to watch politics.  As such, the following poll is something to be mindful of as we near the start of delegate selection.

In a CBS News poll out this week, 42 percent of white evangelicals said most people they know would not vote for a Mormon. That’s bad for Romney, especially considering evangelicals made up 44 percent of Republican primary voters in 2008. 

While Romney’s speech at the summit was well received, many attendees still see a philosophical difference between Romney’s faith and their own. 

Johnson asked Scott Blakeman from Raleigh, North Carolina if he considered Mormonism is a cult? ” A cult, yes,” he replied. 

“As a Christian I would obviously be more comfortable supporting a Christian with Christian biblical world views.” said Victoria Jakelsky of Flemington, New Jersey. 

With primary voting about three months away, Romney is trying to re-establish himself as the front-runner focusing more on the economy than social values.

One thought on “Mitt Romney’s Faith An Issue That Needs To Be Dealt With By The Candidate

  1. I had a feeling that Romney’s Mormonism would be an issue with conservative evangelical voters. The hubbub over his Mormonism at the Values Voters Summit last weekend may be a taste of tensions to come.

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